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Cool new Apps

I can't wait! the new 3G S releases on 19 June 09!

The iPhone just gets cooler and cooler--pretty soon, it'll be a tricorder.

What's the name of that song? Who's singing it?!

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Come on--no-one else cares?

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*snort of derision*

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Well, I've had my new iPhone 3G S for a little more than a week now, and I'm pleased to report that it significantly exceeds expectations.

Oh--I guess I won't be buying a Kindle now, since the 3.0 OS (for iPhone and iPod Touch) are Kindle readers. You can even order with one-click (no purchase windows) and download with Whispernet straight to the phone. The reader interface is exceptional. I just finished Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. This baby is sweet for reading in bed.

Plus, Mail now accepts my AKO (Army) email, with fetch and push. Fast network, cut-and-paste, and exchange support = Total Coolness.

A couple really fun apps:
I was on the john (I know, I know) at Boston's the other night, and the Shazzam app (listens to music or dialogue from TV, then tells you what you're listening to and where you can buy it, including downloading it right there, on-the-spot) worked flawlessly, letting me know that I was listening to Savage Garden (hey, I didn't know that was their song!).

Snap-it is another great app that lets you photo an object, then searches for it online, giving you a list of prices, including local--great for value shopping.

Voice memo allows me to send memos directly to my computer or email them.

One part of me says, "I need that!"

Then the rest respond, "No, you don't."

Then the first part pouts.

Paizo Employee CEO

Wait until the official iPhone Pathfinder apps start rolling out the door. :)

Seriously, everyone at the Paizo offices has an iPhone and I totally want iPhone Pathfinder apps. Must make this happen...


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Now we have to start guessing what the Paizo App will do...

-download digital purchases direct to the iPhone (like Kindle edition books)
-read samples of paizo pubs
-Pathfinderwiki-like search and dictionary of the Pathfinder setting

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