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I was reorganizing my Opera Bookmarks, and cleaned up my
Books & RPG Gaming Section, yet when it came to Paizo
well... it would go in the
RPG Games section - for individual RPG games of interest, or for future purchase.
and RPG Stores ... it sells RPG's
and RPG Companies ... it creates RPG's
and also within the general folder itself, for sites that have Bulletin Boards and gaming resources et al.

So where should Paizo go? What is it? :-)

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories, Starfinder Society Subscriber

This is easy - make a bookmark in every one of these categories.

So, where did I put this blasted key?

Liberty's Edge

Paizo. Is a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Just put it on speed dial (or as starting page, if your browser doesn't have a speed dial), saves a lot of brain racking.

Make it your home page, of course. :P

Sovereign Court

PAIZO is my operating system.

PAIZO is just alright with me,
PAIZO is just alright with me.

PAIZO is as PAIZO does.

PAIZO is little bird tweeting in the meadow.

PAIZO is the cool sensation of the brisk winter wind rustling through my hair.

PAIZO is like a box of chocolates.

PAIZO is the word, is the motion; PAIZO is the way we are feeling.

PAIZO is who are.

PAIZO is... never having to say fourth edition.

Wait...we were really supposed to answer this? I thought this was one of those questions I was supposed to ponder silently until the guy with the board makes it around to me and gives me a whack with it.


Lilith wrote:
Make it your home page, of course. :P

Thats exactly what I did from my home computer...

Paizo Employee Director of Sales

You could always do what Sebastian does and file Paizo under:

Place where I get to read Cosmo's Daily Pearls of Beatific Wisdom!


Paizo is your friend...

Jeremy Epp wrote:
What is Paizo?

Paizo once got bit by a rattlesnake. After three days of excruciating pain, the snake died.

Lilith wrote:
Make it your home page, of course. :P

I imagine about:blank would get jealous though :-)

And I might only see my "homepage" a couple times a year: when Opera is shut down there's almost always multiple windows with multiple tabs in each. They are all resumed again at startup.

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