Pleasures of the Flesh


Act 1, Scene 1
Minutes Ago

Meandering through the market square, still nursing last nights hang-over, it seems to be a normal morning in the busy Montaigne town. The dawn light crests the mountains to the east, these cyclopeon peaks feel forboding. The smell of freshly baked bread draws Nikoli from his revery, with a knawing in the pit of his stomach. Using his dwindling purse to fund the inpromptu breakfast, Nikoli grabs a pastry and continues to wander across the square. A pretty young maid catches his eye, her low cut top displaying the local charms. Luck has seemed to run well for Nikoli since he made a quick escape from that last town, the cards, drink and ladies seem to be falling the right way.

Suddenly he is brought up short, two uniformed men with tabards stand before him blocking the path. Nikoli turns to face uniformed figure with a curved scar running from the start of his hairline to the base of his chin, bisecting his left eye. The area around the group seems to have opened up sensing the violence that is about to occur. With a hiss the disfured man draws his rapier.

"Nikoli, in Theah's name prepare to die."

Make a Wits+Sight K Wits check.
Roll Initiative (Panache)

Their initiative is : 7 & 7

The 1 in front of you has the 2 actions, the 2 behind you have 1 and will start next round.

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