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I once had a spells web-enhancement, for things like PERMENENCY and others that are specified in the BETA as being available on-line. Where'd it go?! Also, where are the play-test feats that were on the boards last year? Need those too. Thanks all.

I had the feats bookmarked and handy - here ya go.

To my knowledge, all the web enhancements (including the spells you mentioned, magic items, and prestige classes) are available from the My Downloads tab at the top-right of the page. (Actually, looking now, I only seem to have the latter two. So I guess I can't help you there.)

There's also Pathfinder OGC, which has all the beta stuff compiled and sorted kind of like and whatnot, with the caveat of being a website and not a PDF of course.

The basic Web Enhancement is part of the Beta download. So you will have to download the Beta booklet again, and the WE will be in that .zip file.

Thanks guys, I was really upset over all that. Honest I was:)Thanks for the heads up about the PFOGC site. May Pathfinder exceed all sales expectations!

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