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It's up to you. I'll leave the tableaux in Limbo for now.

That is uncertain. I have just received magical notice from some good comrades that they are having 'a little woman difficulty', and that it urgently requires my attention. (Lucinda Dark (not related to Lucinda Darkeyes) just showed up at a gypsy camp and is quite happily doing what she does best, assassinating people.) I am urgently required to advise and mediate, and it is unfair to them and to you, monsieur, to split my attention like this in such a crisis. My apologies a thousand times for this; this is no insult intended to either you or your hospitality.
If it is agreeable to you, and I wish you to go ahead, I shall leave such instructions and directions as you may require, a couple of bales of the pelts, and a small barrel of vintage cognac here at some point, ca va? Not sure if the C should have a twirly thing under it, or which ASCII character it is if it does. Ca va as in French for 'That's good?', if I recall French lessons of a decade or so ago correctly.
He seems distinctly perturbed by whatever message he may have just received, and in a hurry to get going.

C'est ci bon mon vieux. I will be waiting here, sending ze logs down ze Drolo whenever you are ready.

I'm just BSing the French from high school as well. No worries ..

There is a crackle of power in the air, in one of the forest's stone rings, and the emissary from the court of the Elven Queen steps forth from the Realms of Dream.

Having paused to get her bearings, the emissary works several spells, including some defensive abjurations.

The Countess dismisses a couple of spells, having concluded her murmured conversation with another place, then gives a prearranged signal.
Moments later, a crack between the worlds just the size and shape of herself flares up, as the gate briefly opens up once more, then with a soft pop she is gone, and all gates to the Realms of Dream stand firmly shut once more.

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