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It is the first day of Autumn, and the sun is shining over the town of Sandpoint. The leaves of the trees surrounding Sandpoint are showing their first change of colors, resulting in a spectacular variety of colors, and a nice cool breeze is blowing in from the sea.

The first day in Autumn is marked by the Swallowtail Festival, a day filled with speeches, a feast, and the big finale: the release of more than a hundred thousand Swallowtail Butterflies, the symbol of Desna. The festival doesn't start for two hours, though, so the town is just starting to fill with people from the surrounding farms and neighboring towns.

You have come here for the festival, or maybe you came to escape something, or maybe you live in Sandpoint. It doesn't matter, what does matter is that today marks not only the start of the festival, but the start of your destiny.

Now's the time for your introductions. May the Rise of the Runelords begin!

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio's morning had improved a little from his earlier run in with Maggie and her sailor friend. He had moved to find a nice quiet spot overlooking the harbour wher he could read over the nuances of the spell he had prepared that morning. The sibtle manitpulations required to convince a living creature to sleep when it wasn't time had him intrigued. When had first had succedded in the spell, putting farmer Jolla's sheep to sleep in the pens on merket day, his delight had been obvious. Of course he hadn't thought about the fact that Farmer Jolla needed to get the sheep into the wagons once they'd been sold. The old man still scowled at him when he came into town.

Finally satisfied that he knew what he was doing with the spells, he looked up and over the harbour, wondering momentarily what all the extra fuss and bother was.

"Oh yeah, the Swallow Tail festival is today. Heh, and I'm old enough for a drink this year!".

Ezrett's head poked out of his pouch and his little nose twitched in his direction. He could feel the disaproval oming from the weazel. "Yes I know what alcohol does to me.I'll be more careful this time!". Standing up he carefully places the spell book into his day pack and moves back towards town, unconciously stroking the whispy strands of his growing goatee. His eyes take in as many of the curious sights of town as he can manage, and a youthfl smile crosses his face.

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

Broduk groaned as he rolled out of the bed he was renting at the Inn here in Sandpoint. He had been in this town for a few days already, and he was still so unaccustomed to how soft humans like their beds here. Stretching all the kinks out of his 4'2" frame, Broduk then quickly dresses as well as strapps his well-crafted Earthbreaker to his back as he goes out to see a bit more of the town. He had been sent here to try to open up dealing with this town and his home city of Janderhoff. Before he could do that though, he needed to get a sense of how things worked in thsi quaint town. He had already visited the armor shops here, so there was the possiblity of a need for dwarven metals, now Broduk just had to see about how big was the need.

Hitting the street, the dwarf drew a few curious stares as he wandered the streets, he was one of the few dwarves he had seen in town, and a newcomer to boot. Grabbing a quick bite to eat of some strange dish the locals called "flapjacks". Broduk then just wanders the town once more, seeing what thie festival had in store for him.

Male Human Rogue 1

Golarion, in which our heroes live, is also alive. What will follow (if not disturbing the DM) are highlights on what is happening around PCs. Take these as dreams or as something your characters still don’t know (and perhaps they’ll never do) but however as things that could be happening (or that have already happened – visions not always have a clear date) somewhere around. In reality this could not be true because visions can be deceptive. So the main objective of these highlights will be to give some thickness to your Campaign and then, sometime, could give some ideas to PC as well. Of course you cannot use these infoes in your campaign (at least not until your DM make them true).

1. (Sandpoint - sud part) Day light is dying on Sandpoint, a Shoanti soldier is walking in a zone where streets are not as clean as other part of the city. At the end of the alley a faded sign points at a tavern, “Fatman’s Feedbag”, at the entrance a Varisian man makes a fake bow and he greets the soldier in a mocking way, the military man doesn’t return the greeting back but he goes towards what it seems a back admittance on the front building, “The Pixie’s Kitten”, and, after a quick furtive look, he press the entrance door and goes in…

Male Human Rogue 1

2. (Sandpoint – inside an inn) An exotic beauty is singing a consuming song (…mother your daughter was still in need of your caresses…) in front to an enrapture audience (…even so she preferred chill and breezes…). An impressive iron decoration full of melted wax is hanging from the ceiling (…but at her return she found very few certainties…) giving probably the name to the local “The Rusty Dragon”.

Thank you Sneaky, for the added flavor, and good luck on your upcoming RotRL PBP

Male Half Elf Rogue 1

Chaine was somewhat intrigued on the happenings in Sandpoint as he arrived. The journey from Magnimar was uneventful, if a bit boring. "Thousands of butterflies, eh?" he muttered to himself. "Should be quite the show, indeed." After speaking casually with a few of the locals, Chaine took a deep breath and sighed. "Good weather, friendly townsfolk and a festival on the day of my arrival. This could be just what I needed." he thought to himself as he surveyed the surrounding buildings. "I wonder where one can get a drink about here?"

There are a few places to go, but maybe you want to wait a the afternoon, everything will be free (there's a competition between 3 inns that goes on every year at this festival). Your character would probably know that. Just in case not everyone is on the same page, it's going to be your job to meet somewhere. Roleplaying is encouraged!

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Are we assuming we've met some other players, or do you want us to write our own I just bumped into this guy" stories? Cheers

Male Human Barbarian 1st

Zadrick uses is long stride to quickly move along the road leading to Sandpoint. He had camped just outside of the town last night just in view of the towns lights and was anxious to see this sights. He had been walking all through the wilderness for several weeks now and was looking forward sleeping in a bed for at least a night or two.

Zadrick crosses the bridge into town and starts down the street he and notices that there seems to be a calibration happening. "Looks like good timing. Lots of chances to relax and meet new people. " he thinks as he walks down the street. He passes in front of a large in with a rusted dragon adorning the roof and steps inside and looks around. He notices the women singing and looks for someone in charge.
"Hello, looking for a room and some news?" he calls out.

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio walked the streets, heading for home so he could return his books. He noticed a stranger standing on the road, looking around as if lost. As he approached he heard the question about having a drink. A thrill of excitement ran through his body as he realised this man was mirroring his thoughts. And he was older too, maybe he could buy the drinks without being hassled so much. Maybe Ameiko herself would serve them!! His excitment levels rose at the thought. He shifted a little uncomfortably, his face blushing as he realised his body was responding inappropriately again. He felt humour coming from the sack at his belt. "It's not FUNNY!" he implored Ezrett in a whisper.

Calming himself, he moved up to the man and spoke, his voice a little nervous, but not cracking at least. "Umm, I could show a few of the eateries if you'd like sir. I'm Armelio, a local at least, and I currently find myself with some spare time. Perhaps you'd like to try the Rusty Dragon? I've been told the food and drink are excellent there! There's a free lunch today, but I was thinking of at least sampling an Ale this morning before the crowds got too thick at the celebrations"

With a start he realised the man may have elven blood. The pointy ears and almost emerald eyes were a bit of a give away, but Armelio had never had any practical experience in these things. Sure he'd read them in books, but that was a little different apparently.

Thought I'd get things rolling by "running into" our rogue :)

Male Half Elf Rogue 1

Chaine looked the young spellcaster up and down, quietly sizing him up as he approached."Well, well. The Rusty Dragon, you say? If the rumor of free drink and food are true, I suppose one's as good to try as the next." Somewhat surprised at the friendliness of the stranger, Chaine managed a quick smile. "Lead the way, then. If you don't mind me asking, what do you know of this Swallowtail Festival? I know a few things, but if you're local folk, I'm sure you can elaborate a bit more." With that, Chaine starts off towards the Rusty Dragon, adjusting his scarf to a more comfortable position. "What difference a change of scenery can make," he thinks to himself as he scans the faces of the passerbys, happy to be away from the dreary slums of Magnimar.

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

Coming upon an inn with the Rusty Dragon in stylized letters scribed along its sign, Broduk mumbles off the words in common with a thick dwarven accent before shrugging a bit and pushing the door open. Entering the Inn's common area, the burly dwarf scans the room, looking for a place to sit. Fortunately, he had arrived before it had gotten too busy and only spotted a few people inside, among them a rather tall, slim looking fellow with a young human. Marching up to the bar, Broduk catches the attention of the person behind the bar and simply asks, "Oi, can ye get this poor newcomer a ale, and a strong one at that!" Broduk's voice grumbles as he speaks in the accent of his people.

Male Human Barbarian 1st

Zadick watches two men enter behind him and then a strange dwarf. The dwarf himself was not strange just the weapon he carried. Zadrick walks up to the bar and sits down next to the dwarf. "Interesting weapon you have there. I haven't seen anyone outside the Shoanti tribes use one."
Zadrick gets the attention of the barkeep "Add one more and keep them coming." he says tossing 5 gold on the bar.

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

Raising a bushy eyebrow at the human sitting next to him, Broduk then breaks into a wide, toothy grin before pointing a stocky thumb at his weapon and saying, "Ye mean this? Ah, guessin' it could look a bit strange, me bein' a dwarf an' all, but I learned it makes a fine weapon. Kinda like a greataxe, but it breaks bones instead o' choppin' flesh." Then pivoting in his stool, once his ale had arrived, he extends a beefy hand to Zandrick and says, "Tha name's Broduk Goblinsplinter."

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio happily lead the Half Elf into the Rusty Dragon. Walking up to the bar he surreptitiously orders an ale when Chaine does as well. Although he was old enough to drink now, his birthday had only been a short while ago and no one here had served him anything. He didn't want ot make a scene.

As the ale was delivered he clasped it with his hands, as if holding something precious. He smelled the aroma, noting the kind of bitter, almost acidic smell of the alcohol. As he went to take a sip, Chaine asked him again about the swallow tail festival. He paused in the motion of drinking and put the mug down.

"Well the festival is a celebration for the Goddess Desna. It's kind of an annual thing really, but this year we've got one thing more to celebrate in town. Our new church is being opened. The last one burnt down a few years ago and it's taken some time to get this one up and running. The whole town is involved in the celebratiosn today, including a big free meal at lunch. Then we get to watch as they release a thousand swallow tails. They're a kind of butterfly, you know, like Desna's symbol". He says all of this in a rush of words, his exuberence at being asked to share his knowledge by someone as cool as a half elf almost overwhelmed the boy. Then he remembered his ale.

He grabbed it again, bringing it towards his mouth and savouring the thought of his first taste of alcohol.

The door banged open and a loud dwarf barrelled into the room, causing the young wizard to jump slightly and spill some of the ale onto the bar. The dwarf walked up to the bar next to them and shouted for some drink. Armelio gawped at him for a minute, his ale forgotten in his hands. When he remembered it, he blinked. This time, he moved the mug rapidly towards his mouth, trying to get the alcohol down as quickly as possible. It had just about reached his lips when a gold coin hit the bar in front of him. The noise startled Ezrett who lept from his pouch and quickly scurried up his arm and tucked himsef behind his long hair and hat. Of course he scurried up the arm holding the ale, which fell from the wizards hands. The mug seemed to hang in the air for a second or two before tumbling into his lap, spilling amber fluid all over his robes. It was quite cold.

Male Human Barbarian 1st
Broduk Goblinsplinter wrote:
Then pivoting in his stool, once his ale had arrived, he extends a beefy hand to Zandrick and says, "Tha name's Broduk Goblinsplinter."

Zadrick takes his hand, "Zadrick Morrin, just arrived. What is going on today? Seems like some kind of celebration." Zadrick take a big drink of his ale and leans back against the bar.

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

"Well, I ain't be knowin' all tha details, only been here a few days meself. I heard that this be some big festival to celebrate a Temple opening or somthin' like that. All I be knowin' fer sure is we should stick around fer a bit, if anything ta be sampling the ale and taking advantage o' the free food that should be comin' up later today. the warrior dwarf responds as he takes another deep pull from his ale before wiping his beard clean on the sleeve of his sturdy shirt.

You guys are doing great, I'll have the first part of the festival begin in an hour, post will follow

Male Human Barbarian 1st
Broduk Goblinsplinter wrote:
All I be knowin' fer sure is we should stick around fer a bit, if anything ta be sampling the ale and taking advantage o' the free food that should be comin' up later today. the warrior dwarf responds as he takes another deep pull from his ale before wiping his beard clean on the sleeve of his sturdy shirt.

Zadrick takes another big drink, "Free food you say. This festival is sounding better and better." Zadrick turns to the barkeep. "Could I have a room. If I keep drinking like this I need a place to keep my gear and to sleep off the festival tonight."

Male Human Barbarian 1st

Zadrick looks over at the scholarly looking man as he jumps off his stool after spilling his ale on his lap. "Hey there, I think maybe you shouldn't have started celebrating so early this morning. Maybe I can get you some water or something."

"That'll be one gold good sir," The barkeep says, "your room will be reserved for a week."

As you pay the barkeep, you hear the town crier outside "FESTIVAL STARTS IN 15 MINUTES!".

The Inn starts to empty as the eager patrons exit.

You can hear them talking about the competition between the three taverns, mostly making comments about what they will be serving.

If not all of you guys have posted, don't worry, you won't need an introduction yet. I won't spoil the surprise, but everyone will meet eachother very soon.

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio turns a bright crimson color as the man at th end of the bar offers him a water. He sighs at the lost opportunity but then realises there's a log day of celerations ahead of him.

Looking at the girl behind the bar he asks,"I'll just take my usual then thanks. An Orisisni short black coffee, three sugars." He woulld have to go and learn his prestigitation spell tonight, in order to get the stain out of his clothes.

Reaching up behind his head he gives Ezrett a scratch before bringinh him down from his perch. " Sorry about Ezrett. He gets a little jumpy around strangers. My name's Armelio." he offers his hand to the other newcomers to the bar. "I'd be happy to escort you genlemen around town for the day, if you like. Kind of like yor own local guide I know quite a bit about the town. Plus with the festival on it will be much easier to get lost,what with all these folk in town and the crowds.". He effers this last statemt with ahint of enthusiasm. He craved knowledge of al sorts and these stangers would have a whol raft of new experiences for him to hear about.

Edit: Ninja'd by the DM :)

Apologies for being late to the party. Been in the hospital the last two days. Shouldn't be an issue now though.

Having been on the road for several days now, Hemias lets out a sigh of relief upon seeing Sandpoint as he crests a hill. Little in the way of civilization between here and Magnimar, it will be good to be able to stay in a proper inn, with proper meals. Eager to get settled into town he kicks his heels into his horse's flanks , picking up from a walk to a steady trot.

Arriving into town a short while later he nods and waves to the guards as he approaches the gates. Trotting on through he heads to the local stables, colourfully named the Goblin Squash Stables, to see about getting accommodations for his horse and perhaps ask the stable hand to recommend a local inn. Though, just as Hemias was about to ask for the recommendation he heard the local town crier proclaiming the start of a festival. Asking the stable hand for some information about the festival, he found it appropriate to remove his armor and most of his gear, leaving it with his horse for now. He would be able to find a room for himself later.

Wearing his distinctive clerical vestments of black and red, customary of a priest of Asmodeus, and with his trusty mace hanging off of his belt, Hemias walks confidently out of the stables to partake in the festival to Desna.

Did a bit of editing as a bunch of stuff was posted while I was writing this up. Haha.

Male Human Barbarian 1st
Armelio Fuentes wrote:
" Sorry about Ezrett. He gets a little jumpy around strangers. My name's Armelio." he offers his hand to the other newcomers to the bar. "I'd be happy to escort you genlemen around town for the day, if you like. Kind of like yor own local guide I know quite a bit about the town. Plus with the festival on it will be much easier to get lost,what with all these folk in town and the crowds.".

Zadrick smiles at the young man and takes his hand, "I am Zadrick and this here is Broduk." pointing to the dwarf next to him. "You live here? It would be nice to have someone that knows the town."

Zadrick hands over the gold to barkeep and takes the key, "Thanks"

"Let me put my pack in my room and I will ready to find some good food and entertainment."

Zadrick bounds up stairs and leaves his pack and bow in the room and locks the door. He returns to the bar and downs the rest of his ale and grabs a full one for the road. "Ready when ever you guys are and don't forget to grab tankard on the way out."

male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Wizard/1 (Favoured Class, Universal School)

As the rider hit the top of the hill, he halted his horse abruptly. Looking at the masses of Peopels that was entering his little home town he now remembered what he forgot...

“Oh Desna! I almost forgot and almost missed the Swallowtail Festival. It was the only condition of my mother that I reach Sandport before the Festival, if I like to stay at the school for some days longer, not returning with may family, after the graduation, and finish some business.” The young man whispered shocked to himself.

Smiling he thought to himself “But the “business” with Armelia (an attractive ex classmate and now Wizard-colleague of Riben) was worth it. And I don't when or if ever I will have a change to meet her again.”

The Swallowtail Festival begins promptly at noon. The square before the Church is crowded with locals and travelers, and several merchants have set up tents advertising food, clothes, local crafts, and souvenirs.

There is a podium set up near the front entryway to the Church, and four keynote speakers are giving their speeches.

The Mayor Deverin's friendly attitude and excitement proves contagious as she welcomes you all to her town and jokes about how even Larz Rovanky (apparently a local tanner known to be a workaholic) managed to tear himself away from his tannery to attend. Everyone (but Larz) is quite amused.

Sheriff Hemlock is rather dour, giving the crowd a safety briefing and he requests a moment of silence to remember those who died in the fire of the church five years ago and the "unpleasantness" that came before.

Fortunately, Cyrdak Drokkus is brings the crowds' spirits back up with humorous anecdotes and a rather irreverant recap of the process the town went into to rebuild the Cathedral. He also throws in a promotion to stop by the theater tommorow night for "The Harpy's Curse". Apparently, the lady singing in the Rusty Dragon will be the Diva.

Lastly, Father Zantus thanks the crowd for coming, and begins the Swallowtail release.

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

Broduk give a short guffaw at Armelio's expense before thanking the lad for his offer to show them around. When the crier comes in to announce the beginning of the festival, Briduk quickly goes upstairs to check on his things in his room before returning downstairs and leaving the inn with the others. Listening to the ceremony with a bit of boredom, Broduk lets out a hurrah with the rest of the crowd as Father Zanthus blesses the opening of festivities and the Swallowtail Festival officially begins.

The Exchange


Standing in the crowd with the rest of the people he'd met at the bar, Armelio is awestruck by the spectacle of thousands of butterflies flying hrough the Autumn air. The crispness of the morning combined with the spectacle of lepidopterans leaves the mage feeling quite heady with excitement.

His excitement obviously overflows to Ezrett, through their bond, for the little weazel pops out of his sack and begins to scrummage around the ground for scraps of food. His whiskery nose sniffing at peoples legs and small childrens hands.

"Ezrett, get back here. There could be dogs around!" Armelio hisses at his friend.

When the little rodent is safely back into his pouch, the young wizard turns to his companions. "Well, where would you like to go first!" he asks excitedly. A dwarf, a half elf and a man from the city! WOW! This day was turning out sooo cool!

male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Wizard/1 (Favoured Class, Universal School)

Entering the town the young man hurrays to the Cruchsquare, where the fetival will official start. Planning to find his family there, he enters the crowed place leading his horse on the line behind him, what brings him punitive looks from the locale townsfolk. Instead of finding the members of his family, he sees a some how familiar looking face. “But it can't be the little cry baby Armelio. This fine young man is one head taller then me. But the Varisian Tattoos are the same and he looks a loot like a older version of the young boy I know.”

I don't know if is right for Armelio that Riben and him knew each other. But I think it is better to stay close if you are Varisian looking boys in a Chelaxian Town.

“Greetings, are you Armelio Fuentes? If the answer is yes then I would say you really grown and found some exotic friends.” The young man says, holding out his right arm with a winning smile on his face, looking at the unusual group.

Male Human Barbarian 1st
Riben Torna wrote:

I don't know if is right for Armelio that Riben and him knew each other. But I think it is better to stay close if you are Varisian looking boys in a Chelaxian Town.

“Greetings, are you Armelio Fuentes? If the answer is yes then I would say you really grown and found some exotic friends.” The young man says, holding out his right arm with a winning smile on his face, looking at the unusual group.

I think you mean me, I have the tatooes. Zadrick didn't grow up here but I think they could have run into each other while they were traveling.

Zadrick turn around and lays his eyes on a fellow Varisian. "This man over here is Armelio. I am Zadrick and I think we have met before I seem to remember you." Zadrick looks the man over. "Ah yes I remember you, we met on the road while you were learning from your grandmother. Your clothes always did make you stand out, ha ha ha." Zadrick finishes with a laugh.

Zadrick claps his hand on the smaller mans shoulder, "You have got a few more tattoos since I last seen you. What brings you here? The festival? Your old friend is showing this bizarre group right here around." Zarick points to Armelio again.

male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Wizard/1 (Favoured Class, Universal School)

Armelio has the tatooes to.

Riben takes some time to look closer at Zadrick, then grabs his right underarm for a typical Varsian greeting. “Zadri... wow you crown in a bear of a man! So battle hardened and all this muscles. No wonder I didn't recognised you at first sight!”



“ This is my home town, maybe you heard that my mother Emyralda left the road and married a Townsman against the will of good old Grandmother. I returned today after learning some more things aboutthe talents that runs deep in the blood of my mothers family in some other Town.”

Male Human Barbarian 1st

Zadrick smiles and answers Riben.


"Ah it is good to get back to your roots. I just left my clan to wander on my own for a while. Desna has taken me it seems and I have the need to see Varisia in all it's glory. Has the wanderlust taken you or are you ready to settle here?"

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

Broduk does his best to keep up, his shorter legs makign it difficult for the dwarf to keep up with the longer stride of his new companions. When finally the group pauses, Broduk look curiously at the newcomer but doesn't say much as old friends catch up on lost time.

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio looks at the man leading the horse through the crowded square. He remembered him fairly well, his features having matured but not really changed from when they were boys. He was older, and occasionally partook of the harrassment the young Armelio had suffered, but generally they had gottena long. Armelio particularly remembered this mans intelligence, which shone through even at an early age. The two had often spoken of interesting things they had learned throughout the week.

Of course then he'd left. If rumours were true he had gone to some famous school, but he couldn't quite place where. As the man, Riben! that was it, as Riben greeted him, a sort of nervousness overcame the young wizard. He held out his hand and shook it. "Welcome back Riven, and just in time for the festival too. his voice cracked a little, reaching just that awkward octave that only a teenage boy can get to in a nervouse state. "we were just about to enjoy the festival if you'd like to join us. Though you may wnat to stabel your horse first. Maybe we ca catch up over an ale" he says the last part as non chalantly as he can, trying to show that he was knowledgable in such things. A little squeak comes from the sack at his side, along with a feeling of general sarcastic humour. Aremlio gave it a nudge, before smiling at the group.

I've got no problems with us having known each other from the past Riven. I can actually see a friendly rivalry developing between us with your traditional schooling and my hedge magic past. Looking forward to it.

Hey, hope your doing better Yimzin. Hospital visits are never fun.

Male Half Elf Rogue 1

Chaine smirks a bit as Armelio spills the brew all over his formerly clean robes. "Don't hurt yourself. We've got a lot of celebrating left to do if what you say is correct about this festival." To Armelio, Zadrick and Broduk: "Well, it seems an introduction is in order. Name's Chaine; recently of the lovely city of Magnimar. Chaine reaches out and grabs each man's right hand, shaking it and the accompanying forearm firmly and looking them directly in the eye. "Ahh, what the hell! Barkeep, if you please. I'd like a mug and a bottle of your cheapest wine. Let's see what trouble the day can bring!" With introductions made, Chaine flips the barkeeper a gold coin, exits the Rusty Dragon with the others and nods at Riben as they meet in the street.

Listening with a feigned interest at the speakers, Chaine sips his wine straight from the bottle casually. Looking at the mass of people attending the festival, he inadvertently starts picking through who might be an easy mark to steal a coinpurse or a bit of jewelry from. He catches himself quickly though, and turns his attention back to the speakers. With a sniff, he looks over his newly met aquaintances, curious if everyone he meets in Sandpoint will be this friendly.

Male Human Barbarian 1st

Zadrick looks around the town, "So where is all this free food everyone keeps talking about? I also need a refill. Ha ha ha ha"

Female Human(Varisian) Sorcerer(Elemental Fire Bloodline)/1st

Sorry i've not been able to post yet, i've been terribly busy. I'll do my best to get a post up sometime tonight. Sorry for slowing things down.

male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Wizard/1 (Favoured Class, Universal School)

Answering to Zadrick:


“My family has planned for me that I will help with our business and the training of my talents was very expensive. So I have the responsibility to do as they ask... But hey its not so bad, we are Sea-traders so I can give in to the Wanderlust of my Varsian blood. If I had the decision I would first wander our Country for some time and see if I could learn more about the mysterious history.”

Answering to Armelio, with no reaction to his pomposity:

“Yes you are probably right. I have to find my family first and get my horse in our stable. Maybe we can meet later at the Rusty Dragon for the free food and some drinks. But first...”

It seems Riben noticed the curiosity of the dwarf, so he turns to him looking direct in his eyes with a smile:

Dwarven :

“Greetings lad, my name is Riben son of Rincken son of Rikun, forgave “tha” ruthless of my friends. Would you mind to name yourself and your lineage?”

Is it possible that Riben see some members of his family, a few minutes later, and would leave the group to later catch up. Leaving his horse at their Stable.

Female Human(Varisian) Sorcerer(Elemental Fire Bloodline)/1st

"Number seven.." She whispered as she marked off the 7th item on her list."Watch the Release of Desna's Butterflies at the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint From the hill to the north. The View is brilliant my Daughter!" Catalina couldn't help but smile as she read her father's words aloud. She traced the varisian script with her thin fingertips for a long moment as her other hand unconsciously moved to the hilt of her father's rapier at her hip. She waited there for a long moment, until she could no longer see a butterfly in the sky. She tucked her father's journal under the bench in her carriage, and took up the reins. She prodded the pair of donkeys down the hill and smiled at all the people especially the wooing young men. As bold as she was, she brought her carriage to a rest in the middle of town and flung open a set of side shutters. The shutters served as signs proclaiming Giovanni's Exotic Ales!. She was sure her father might roll in his grave to see his daughter here pushing cheap ale as exotic drinks instead of off slaying Goblins or Dragons, but every girl has gotta start somewhere right?"Come one Come All!" She exclaimed in a voice that she surely borrowed from angels heard on high."I have traveled Golarion seeking the best in Ale, and have so generously brought them back here to share with you Sandpoint, For the Generous price of 5 copper!" She used her assets without shame as she promoted her sales, winking at numerous gawking elders and swinging low gracefully to place gentle kisses upon young lads.

The priest opens the cart door, and everone goes silent. Then, in an almost silent cascade, thousands upon thousands of butterflies erupt from the cart. They fill the whole street, children chasing after them and laughing, but never quite able to catch even one.

The priest of Desna clears his throat loudly and tells the story of how Desna fell to the earth long ago, and a lone child nursed her back to health. For her deed, Desna gave her eternal life as a butterfly.

By this time, most of the butterflies have dispersed, except for the one that has perched upon Catalina's hair. She appears to be oblivious to this fact. The priest isn't, though, as he is eyeing her closely.

You might notice, too if you can beat a DC 10 perception check.

There are three bars in town, and apparently they are giving away free food and drink. The first is the Rusty Dragon, which is serving curry baked salmon, The White Stag is serving venison, as always, and Finally, the Hagfish is serving very small rotisseried chicken. The Rusty Dragon is known for it's armosphere, The White Stag is more high end, and The Hagfish is a hole in the wall. All serve good food and drink, though. You can sample each and vote!

Female Human(Varisian) Sorcerer(Elemental Fire Bloodline)/1st


Catalina smiles as she takes note of the little creature that had taken a perch upon her."I suppose Desna Smiles upon my endeavors?" She asks the butterfly as she takes it into her hand and looks it over laughing and smiling all the while.

Male Human Barbarian 1st

The last of Zadrick ale pours out of his drooping tankard as he stares at the women in the wagon. "I think I have died, a beautiful women that sells ale." he says to himself. He absently waves at Rebin as he leads his horse away and starts toward the wagon. "I think I am going to get another ale." he says, leaving his companions behind.

Zadrick walks up to the women as she is talking to the butterfly in her hand. "Ah... Hi, so what's this exotic ale like? I mean could I have you best." He finishes by putting his tankard on the bar.

Female Human(Varisian) Sorcerer(Elemental Fire Bloodline)/1st

Catalina Smiles invitingly"Nice tattoos Stranger." she remarks as her hand goes to trace along the designs. Her left arm also bears tattoos, although of a more runic-perhaps arcane sort. "As for the exotic ale, You'll have to find out for yourself." She remarks coyly. "Will you be buying a drink or are you content just to grace me with your rugged good looks handsome?" She winked. She knew just how to sell her product. To men at least.

Male Human Barbarian 1st

"Yeah rugged.. well lets see how it tastes. Hey Broduk lets test this ale together." Zadrick waves the dwarf over as he throws a silver on the bar. "I am Zadrick, just passing through on the way to somewhere."

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio's heart stopped. For the breefest of moments even his brain just seemed to go into a sluggish pile of mess.

Then his hormones kicked in and his heart started again. His brain didn't though. The young man just stood in the square....well ogling really.

"Wow, she's beautiful he whispered.

A strange emotion seemed to emanate from Ezrett. Something he hadn't felt from the weazel before. It felt strange, almost irrationally angry. If he could describe it as a colour, Armelio would almost say it was a deep green, tinged wih fiery red.

Gotta rush off, pretty busy over next two days but will try and post more later. Cheers

Female Human(Varisian) Sorcerer(Elemental Fire Bloodline)/1st

"Aren't we all just passing through on the way to somewhere else Zarick?" She asked rhetorically in reply to the man's statement as she filled his mug and filled another."I assume you're paying for your friends as well?" She inquired as she handed the cold mug to Armelio, her fingers caressing against his infirm hand. To say it wasn't purposeful would be a lie. "Here you go sweetheart."

Male Human Wizard 1 (Conjurer, banned illusion and necromancy)

Armelio accepts the ale from the stunning woman. He stares at her as she leans down to serve him, unable to take his eyes from her gorgeous body.

" is.." he swallows and tries again. "I can pay for my own ale.". The words sounded confident to his own ears, but of course came out with a distinctive squeaking and whine that he always got around women.

That feeling from Ezrett grew stronger. How curious.

Female Human(Varisian) Sorcerer(Elemental Fire Bloodline)/1st

Catalina smiled at the awkward little creature curiously and placed her hand on her hip." Well of course you can pay for it pumpkin, that'll be five copper"

Male Dwarf Fighter /1

Broduk, a bit shocked at Riben's fluency as well as ettiquette, eagerly takes his hand and gives it a strong shake. Before Riben feels his alrm going numb, the dwarf lets go and respond:


"A pleasure to meet you Riben son of Rincken son of Rikun. May your stein stay full and your beard grow long. I am Broduk Goblinsplinter, son of Harden, son of Haruk, the slayer of the first goblin to attempt to attack Jaggerhoff."

Broduk was about to continue when Zandrick's call caught his attention. Then noting the beautiful (for a human) woman selling ale, Broduk excuses himself as he almos jovially bounds over to see what was all the hubbub.

"What's wit' all tha racket...Hello there lassy, ya got any Junfenhoffen ye can offer ta a thirsty dwarf who ain't yet tasted a true brew in this quaint little town"

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