Which Dungeon is it...... [Warning: Contains Spoilers]

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Which mag is it that has information about tieing in Tomb of Horrors?


Dungeon #135, Page 55. It is only a very brief and slightly vague mention however.


Doesn't that seem pretty late in the game to possibly send players to the ToH? A group of four 20th level characters would breeze through it. Hmm.

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Sphere of annihilation.

Is the sphere of annihilation ever going to be used?

They discuss the trip to the ToH to get the sphere or an alternative, making the vortex of unlife in Lashonna's underground complex implode on destruction to form a sphere. I used that idea in last night's session. Although others love the idea of going to the tomb. De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est.

Tomb of Horrors was also available free on Wizards' website, updated to 3.5. I do not know if they still host it though.

Tomb of Horrors (Revised)

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I think it depends on who you're playing with. If it's a bunch of fresh players that never touched even 2nd Edition (like my group with SCAP) then no, don't use it as written. If you're running for people that have the original boxed editions, you'll love the absolute terror it inspires in them.

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