Moon of Orcus needs a name!

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Completely off topic, but I saw at the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day that not only is there a dwarf planet named Orcus (photo and Wikipedia), but that it has a moon and the discoverer is asking people to suggest names.

I'm sure Necromancer fans can come up with a good one to mass suggest. :)

To get the ball rolling, I guest either "Rod" (appropriate but not very moon-like), or Tenebrous (sorry, big Modron March fan).

I know the rest of you can do better. So what do you have?

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No, wait -- Yuggoth. Yuggoth is the perfect name.

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Clark. The perfect name for a satellite of Orcus.

Well, we'd need to get the mass naming votes in before Colbert gets wind of it... beat me Yoda, although I was going to go with Peterson.
Necromancer would also be good.


Rappan Athuk?

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How about Horkos, who was a Greek daemon that served as the inspiration for Orcus, or Tarquinia, after the Italian town which supposedly is the site of Orcus' tomb.

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DaveMage wrote:

Only if we put Tony before it.


Well, to go with the mythological geekery, if Orcus has a moon, by all rights it should be Libitina.

Logue :)

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Mr. Winkie.

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