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So... are there any gamers on here from there?

I might be uprooting myself and moving to Lyon, France soon. I am awaiting a phone call from the current F1 Head of Security (I've worked with them stateside the past four years.. although no race this year...) and every year the prior HoS has offered me a job. He has since recommended me to the new HoS (a man I've worked with)

Now, this isn't set in stone ofcourse. But, I'd have at least one week off a month and I'd like to get in some gaming. I'd be willing to run... and if we set up before I leave I'll know what adventure path to bring with me. Ofcourse.. if you want LoF I'll be running from the pdfs as I'll probably not update my shipping address and have them continue to ship stateside.

Anyway... if there is anyone interested.. and I do end up there... let me know.

Hi there,

Sorry to disappoint, I'm not living in Lyon, but I wish you a very good time in my native country if you establish yourself there. A nice region and a beautiful town, enjoy the food, the nice wines and the mountains nearby ;)

A cool forum to find French players is, I'm sure you'll find some players, especially if you speak French.The website is dedicated to D&D in general and 3.5/4th/Pathfinder in particular.

Best of luck and bienvenue!

I speak broken French. When I spend my week with the security team I've been mistaken for French. Due to my ability to speak French with an appropriate accent.

However, being in Bloomington, Indiana the rest of the time - not much chance to speak French.

So, at first... it will be very bad. But, much will come back and I'll pick up a lot afterwards.

Thanks for the link

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