Completed List of Character Titles


I have been working on this list for a little bit of time

I finally finished it

Our group was tired of asking for a a 13th level cleric for a reserection instead they can ask for an Archbishop

That was one of our main reasons for this list sick of asking by level I know this is not a perfect system with Multiclass and Prestige classes but give it a look tell me what you think of the differnt names

Thanks in advance

Character Titles

1st -5th Myrmidon
6th -10th Man at Arms
11th-15th Master of Arms
16th-20th War Master

1st -5th Gallant
6th -10th Warder
11th -15th Chevalier
16th -20th Justicar

1st -5th Huntsman
6th -10th Strider
11th -15th Stalker
16th -20th Master of the Wilds

1st -5th Tribesman
6th -10th Great Hunter
11th -15th Tribal Defender
16th -20th Tribal Champion

1st -5th Brother
6th -10th Disciple
11th -15th Master
16th -20th Grandmaster

1st -5th Cutpurse
6th -10th Rapscallion
11th -15th Thief
16th -20th Guild Master

1st -5th Troubadour
6th -10th Minstrel
11th -15th Maestro
16th -20th Master Performer

1st -5th Deacon
6th -10th Bishop
11th -15th Archbishop
16th -20th Cardinal

1st -5th Tree Warden
6th -10th Forest Warden
11th -15th Archdruid
16th -20th High Elder of the Wild

1st -5th Apprentice
6th -10th Arcanist
11th -15th Mage
16th -20th Archwizard

1st -5th Prodigy
6th-10th Phenom
11th-15th Etherlord
16th-20th Sorcerer Supreme

Non Core Base Classes

1st-5th Bushi
6th-10th Shomyo
11th-15th Daimyo
16th-20th Shogun

1st-5th Squire
6th-10th Sergeant
11th-15th Cavalier
16th-20th Knight Champion

1st-5th Rake
6th-10th Bravo
11th-15th Corsair
16th-20th Musketeer

1st-5th Mage Blade
6th-10th Spell Slayer
11th-15th Congulair
16th-20th Eldritch Warrior

1st-5th Rutterkin
6th-10th Scourge
11th-15th Reaver
16th-20th Gloom Blade

1st-5th Lieutenant
6th-10th Captain
11th-15th General
16th-20th Field Marshal

1st-5th Blade Brother
6th-10th Stalwart
11th-15th Dragoon
16th-20th Living Weapon

1st-5th Legionnaire
6th-10th Swordsman
11th-15th Blade Wizard
16th-20th Sublime Master

1st-5th Zealot
6th-10th Protector
11th-15th Guardian
16th-20th Templar

1st-5th Tinkerer
6th-10th Mechanic
11th-15th Inventor
16th -20th Craft Master

Dread Necromancer
1st-5th Black Apprentice
6th-10th Ghoul Lord
11th-15th Thanatos
16th-20th Necromantic Lord

1st-5th Charmer
6th-10th Grifter
11th-15th Imagecrafter
16th-20th Ultimus

1st-5th Trimorte
6th-10th Magician
11th-15th Chronarch
16th-20th Magus

1st-5th War Apprentice
6th-10th Battlemage
11th-15th Spellbinder
16th-20th Magister

1st-5th Chanter
6th-10th Runethane
11th-15th Soul Tamer
16th-20th Onomancer

1st-5th Shadow Apprentice
6th-10th Ebon Acolyte
11th-15th Penumbralist
16th-20th Umbralmancer

Wu Jen
1st-5th Eunuch
6th-10th Youjutsu
11th-15th Kisai
16th-20th Sangun

1st-5th Pact User
6th-10th Soul Shaper
11th-15th Demagogue
16th-20th Binding Master

1st-5th Accumulator
6th-10th Adeptus
11th-15th Cabalist
16th-20th Theurgist

Favored Soul
1st-5th Acolyte
6th-10th Adept
11th-15th Exarch
16th-20th Herald

Spirit Shaman
1st-5th Oroqen
6th-10th Mediator
11th-15th Medicine Man
16th-20th Spirit Master

Dragon Shaman
1st-5th Wyrmling Apprentice
6th-10th Draconic Initiate
11th-15th Dragon Master
16th-20th Grandmaster of Wyrms

1st-5th Curate
6th-10th Hospitaler
11th-15th Patriarch
16th-20th Apostle

1st-5th Shinto
6th-10th Seijin
11th-15th Sensei
16th-20th Shounin

Dragonfire Adept
1st-5th Dragon Touched
6th-10th Wyrmling
11th-15th Wyrm
16th-20th Great Wyrm

1st-5th Ginin
6th-10th Goju
11th-15th Jonin
16th-20th Onryou (Ghost)

Spell Thief
1st-5th Sneak
6th-10th Aura Thief
11th-15th Aura Warden
16th-20th Auramancer

1st-5th Incarnate
6th-10th Chameleon
11th-15th Exemplar
16th-20th Jack of all Trades

1st-5th Runner
6th-10th Explorer
11th-15th Trailblazer
16th-20th Pathfinder

1st-5th Savant
6th-10th Will Bender
11th-15th Mind Weaver
16th-20th Mastermind

1st-5th Mentalist
6th-10th Mesmerist
11th-15th Envoy
16th -20th Farseer

Psychic Warrior
1st-5th Syker
6th-10th Sentinel
11th-15th Vanguard
16th -20th Psi Lord

1st-5th Thought Cutter
6th-10th Mind Reaver
11th-15th Blade Warden
16th -20th Living Blade

1st-5th Infiltrator
6th-10th Shadow Walker
11th-15th Psi Hunter
16th-20th Night Blade

1st-5th Psychic
6th-10th Medium
11th-15th Empath
16th-20th Mind Censor

Divine Mind
1st-5th Aspirant
6th-10th Sentry
11th-15th Helionaut
16th-20th Chaplain

1st-5th Spiritualist
6th-10th Pilgrim
11th-15th Confessor
16th-20th Philosopher

NPC Classes

1st-5th Gentry
6th-10th Highborn
11th-15th Noble
16th-20th Lord

Expert (Craft Based)
1st-5th Apprentice X
6th-10th Journeyman
11th-15th Artisan
16th-20th Master X
X = the name of the Craft they are an expert of

Expert (Knowledge based)
1st-5th Graduate
6th-10th Scholar
11th-15th Authority
16th-20th Sage

1st-5th Soldier
6th-10th Veteran
11th-15th Defender
16th-20th Honor Guard

1st-5th Worker
6th-10th Yeoman
11th-15th Forman
16th-20th Citizen

Wow dude, you're not joking about having spent a while on this. I'm going to use some of these myself I think.

I notice you haven't done the Adept. Couldn't you think of any suitable names, or did you deliberately leave it out?

I think that the vast majority of these are very good. I still stand by my comments on the other thread about 5th-level Apprentices and 20th-level Commoners though.

I dont use Adepts in my game

And if you look at the 20th level commoner its kinda a joke a Citizen as in Rome the greatest honor was to be one and in Star Ship trooper everyone wanted to be a citizen

Beyond that I like the idea of not calling someone by their class but having their title allude to it,

Nice list.

Joey Virtue wrote:
I dont use Adepts in my game

Fair enough.

Joey Virtue wrote:

And if you look at the 20th level commoner its kinda a joke a Citizen as in Rome the greatest honor was to be one and in Star Ship trooper everyone wanted to be a citizen

I see, that kind of makes sense; in ancient Rome an outsider had to complete 20 years military service to achieve Citizenship. So if you're going to call them anything, I guess it should be that :)

Sovereign Court

Well done, Joey. Thanks for this contribution to our community, and to my game. I've often used Gary Gygax's suggested titles, and at least always use titles of my own in games—opting to never allow "level" to enter game-speak. Thanks for this well thought-through list!

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