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"Well, that went better than I was expecting, really."

"No time to talk my love, for we must make haste!" He swims back to shore and collects their clothing, shaking the sand from hers before handing them over. Like the gentlemen of old whose speech pattern he just copied, he turns to let her dress without his wandering eyes.

"So, and ideas on where to run too? I'm tempted to shift the entire Oasis somewhere else, but that could have adverse effects on on where ever I do shift it too." He thinks for a moment. "Do you think the house back at the Bazaar is empty, or at least one of our old rooms there?"

"I dunno. You know it's probably likely that Danae got herself grounded again. And much as I like her, I'd rather not be enjoying her company right now. Still, it doesn't hurt to check and the Bazaar is a good place to lose anyone that might be following us."

"I never realized that dating was going to be so logistically challenging."

"Well then, give me a moment to make a 'surprise' for your brothers and we can go."

He disappears into the foliage for a few moments, creating something that makes the leaves rustle, then reappears.

"Okay, we can go now."

She smiled and took his hand.

"Yep, and we better hurry before the brats get here."

Arielle and LK hurried off through the portal connecting the Oasis and the Bazaar.

Two small boys appear through the portal just moments after Arielle and LK leave.

"I don't see them up here, Helm."

"Hmm. Well, they're either hiding in the leaves or they're still under the water. I think we should check the leaves first. That way they don't sneak away from us while we're looking for them in the pool."

As the twins search the leaves, they find.. themselves cuaght in a net that is now smashing them together as the bob and sway 5ft of the ground.

A drawing of a smiling wolf gleefully leers at them from the ground.

Hastur shrieks in fear.

Helm sighs.

"Stop being such a baby, Hastur, and help me figure out how to get out of this. Honestly, sometimes it's hard to believe we're even related."

Hastur kicks Helm.

"I'm your identical twin, you twit. And don't you talk to me like that!"

A fight quickly ensues, at least as best as it is able while they are dangling in a net.

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