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I am very impressed with the submissions for this round. Many of the villains that I (erroneously) felt I'd be able to read and write off since I was unimpressed from last round really turned it around and brought their A-Game to the table :)

I know that I, and from reading the posts, many of the voters, have learned a lot about stat blocks, rules and the "new" inticracies of Pathfinder over 3.5. And I truly hope someone has bought Jason a bottle of aspirin after all his hard work looking over those piles of math ::laughing::

One thing I definitely have learned is do not presume access to information. In my home we have RoRL, CotCT and SD, but only one of those am I able to just browse through with impunity, since I'm a player in two and GMing the middle one. Obviously one cannot retype ALL the information from the APs (ex., the Maharajahs mentioned in Vashkar's submission is a two page monster write up all by itself from Crimson Throne!), but giving hard references -- AP number and page -- at a minimum, and a small blurb if able is even better.

Yes, this would add to the "wall of text" but would add the voters and GMs in using the material presented. (Mental note, see if I can get a peek at the Fleshgrafting stuff ... that could be useful in CotCT <eg>).

Thank goodness for all the discussion, civil and otherwise, from the voters. Data from the APs, the chronicle booklets, and all the myriad information from the SRD (Kudos to those who can actually find info in that .. I often have trouble narrowing my search fields to get the data I want <G>) has been helpfully provided by many, so that we can hammer out details and figure out what is what.

Huzzah, thrice huzzah to all!

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