Looking for Pathfinder Society Games in Orange County, CA

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Husband and my wife looking for two openings for Pathfinder Society games. She likes to play only, but I can DM as well. I am in Garden Grove.

Write me at eric@ericphillips.info and let's play!

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St. Crispin's Irregulars - second Saturday of every month, 1127 Anaheim Blvd. (between La Palma and the 91) in Anaheim, old church building.

It's a fun place. I've gone twice. Fairly regular crowd but a lot of use either young and new to RPGs or old farts who haven't played much in a while. Result: only one regular DM. New players and especially a new DM ought to be quite welcomed.

I'll email you one of their fliers and a link to the yahoo group. Hope to see you there.

Oh... no meeting in February as the DM will be at OrcCon in LA.

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