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A ringing from a distance fills the area as a faint “It is done” follows

Scarab Sages

Thet Tribblet fella shor do lahk ta repeet hisself.

Its a demon thing....ya get used to repeating yourself...and maiming underlings

Scarab Sages

Whut's uh "underling"? Izzat sum kind uh hippeh whut folluhs ya round goin "yessir" alla time? Ah figur thet's whut it is, cuz ya kind look lahk uh hippeh feller. Tawk lahk one to.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Aberzombie wrote:
Whut's uh "underling"?

I thought it was the critters ya kept 'neath the front porch...?

Scarab Sages

Yer probluh raht Jack, but a figurd ah'd ask. Ya nevuh ken tell whut them demon tribblet hippehs is tawkin bout sumtimes.

Ah don' know 'bout yew all, but I's tired of alla this. Ima gonna take me a nap.

Gets up off her groaning rocker and stumps inside the doublewide

Gary Teter wrote:

Well heck. I never anticipated that moving the thread here would bring on the cults. Crap.



*shame on you!* :P


'sho 'nuff



Darn hippens

froggie talkin' worth 100 posts...gotta keep up...

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Froggie' in a frenzy, sumone giv'em a PBR.

Scarab Sages



Dang Hippeh!

Scarab Sages

Thet Vomit feller ain't no hippeh. He's jest a good ol' boah whuts glad he kin fahnlee visit this heer thred. Used ta be, whar the thred wuz settin, he weren't allowed onna count uh sum folks didn't take to kindly ta his sense uh hyoomer.

hi all a gift Summons fiendishly good beer

The Exchange


Scarab Sages

Ah reckon so.

Stumps out of the shack. Parks her new-dress-wearing behind on her chair. Grabs a bite of chaw.

Good nap that were. What'd I miss?


Scarab Sages

And the angel of the Lord came unto me,
snatching me up from my
place of slumber,
and took me on high,
and higher still until we
moved in the spaces betwixt the air itself.
and he bore me unto a
vast farmland of our own midwest,
and as we descended cries of
impending doom rose from the soil.
one thousand, nay, a million
voices full of fear.
and terror possessed me then.
and I begged,

"Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?"
And the angel said unto me,
"These are the cries of the carrots,
the cries of the carrots.
You see, reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day
and to them it is the holocaust."
And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat
like the tears of one millions terrified brothers
and roared,
"Hear me now,
I have seen the light,
they have a consciousness,
they have a life,
they have a soul.
damn you!
let the rabbits wear glasses,
save our brothers...can I get an amen?
can I get a hallelujah? thank you, Jesus.


Scarab Sages

Thet fella is one crazy hippeh.

Diaper Dan I think its time yew had a change on those thar head wrappins. Yer brain's gone soft I reckon.

Liberty's Edge


Scarab Sages

Ah reckon so.



Scarab Sages

Goddang hippehs.




Scarab Sages

Enybuddy got uh beer?

Me hud un...


Liberty's Edge

drank up, zombeh.

Slurps dregs of platic nug

I could use me a fesh PBR if'n anybody's gettin up.

Scarab Sages


*Fetches some PBR for Ma´´*

Her u go Ma'

Thanks Froggie. Yew always so good to yer Ma.

Slurps PBR

Scarab Sages

Ah reckon so.

Scarab Sages

Whar'd evybuddy go?


Kill the Hamsters!

Some ghosts just look better than others.

Scarab Sages


I'm spennin three days lisnin to a feller tell me how to be holly fective. Parently if yuh want tuh be holly fective yuh got tuh git yerseff seven er eight habits. Farris I kin tell, the firs habit mus be yuh cain't sleep.

I'm thinkin maybe bein holly fective aint all its cracked up tuh be.

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