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Any pathfinders in the Corvallis area (like within half an hour)?

Gark the Goblin wrote:
Any pathfinders in the Corvallis area (like within half an hour)?

I am not, but an old gaming buddy of mine is in the area. I can see if he is still looking to game these days.

I am up for playing or GMing Pathfinder. I am in Salem, about a 30 minute drive away. Shoot me an email,

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I'd like to run some PFS games at some point. I'm in Eugene.

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I'm in Portland - dang. I'd still be interested, if a suitable place that I can reach can be found, though.

Well folks, Corvallis is rather centrally located in terms of being situated between Eugene and Salem. on the other hand, Salem is centrally located in terms of Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, triangulation. do we want to figure this out over email. If so give me a shout on the above addie.

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Yeah, Salem looks good to me... if you've got enough space for some gamers up there. Would anyone mind playing with a 15-(soon to be 16)year old?
If any of you guys have some experience GMing, it'd be nice (less work for me, what with school and stuff).
Email me: here.

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Ok, Baquies, find out if your friend would like to play any PF games, and if he'd be willing to go all the way to Salem (however far that is for him).
Russ... would you be willing to go up to Salem to play PF? You could be GM, or player if you want.
Andi, if we play in Salem, could you come south?
I'm emailing Sol right after this post.

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I discovered my car didn't survive the cold snap and I can't afford repairs or a replacement at the moment. So, I have to bow out. Sorry. :/

I am up for GMing, as I have read and own all the Pathfinder adventures up to #16, but would also love to take the easier job of being a player.

Sorry to hear about your car troubles Andi, you know we really need to just extend the MAX down from Portland to Salem.

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I'd settle for a working bus connection. Working != Wilsonville's commuter bus service... they run too infrequently to be useful.

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Too bad... hope you're able to get it fixed soon.

We need three more people, counting me and Sol. Basquies and Russ, post back here if you've got any updated info. You still gonna play, Russ? Eugene is kinda far from Salem, the way Google Maps shows. If we don't get another player from Portland, though, we could probably play in Corvallis (although I don't have much space in my house for gaming stuff).

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bumping back up

Sorry no luck, I guess he keeps himself pretty busy these days. Best of luck though.

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Thanks for checking it out.

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I am in Corvallis as well and would love to play pathfinder

I am in Salem and would love to game with some folks. I'm a university student writing a thesis this year though, so I'm pretty swamped.

EDIT: Whoa I just realized most of this thread is from years ago.

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Hey guys, I will be visiting the Salem/Corvallis area in the middle of October. I will be visiting family, but maybe I can sneak away for a night! I'll be staying in Salem from Oct 15th to Oct 17th, then Corvallis from the 18th through the 23rd.

If anyone is interested, shoot me an email:

Gark the Goblin wrote:
Would anyone mind playing with a 15-(soon to be 16)year old?

It's been three years, and I can now echo this question exactly. Playing with family is fine, but it kind of limits your options. It'd be nice to find a proper gaming group.

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