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Open Call: Design a wondrous item

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I'd keep the dead vegetation part. It is part of the item's flavor and doesn't really unbalance anything.

I'd lower the price even further, especially if you remove the save throw bonus. Yes the single use creeping doom can be used as a poison, but an expensive one. At the same time, a regular single use creeping doom just gets activated and then you have your thousands of bugs. This one requires a death first (most likely the owner's). This should reduce the price as a pretty stiff limitation.

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Mike Speck wrote:


This dessicated insect corpse, when worn as an amulet, allows the bearer to use insect plague twice per day with a command word (Knowledge: Nature or Knowledge: Arcana check [DC 17] to discover). It also grants a +2 resistance bonus to Fortitude saves against poison.

Mike I really liked the +2 bonus to Fortitude... it gives the item something extra and permanent that i think not everyone noticed... i see it as an enhance item that gives you an extra power and escape path

players would hate the DM when they grab the villain or hurt him enough that he is forced to go into a corner and stealthely eat this thing, giving him the chance of a last big surprice... I like it very much

really good for minions with the order "go there and not return until you complete my orders... you know what happens to those who fail me!"

Mike Speck wrote:
lojakz wrote:
Just wondering, what happens when an undead, say a lich or vampire, eats this? Does it have to be digested?
I guess my figuring would be that swallowing requires flesh and muscles. I wasn't thinking that specifically when I wrote "swallowing" instead of "eating," but I'll go with it. =0 So, if undead can't use potions, they can't set off a deathbug.

Corporeal undead *can* use potions actually.

However undead are immune to Fortitude saves, unless they also affect objects. As such they can't even voluntarily fail the saving throw.

Note: Just voted for your villain - finally got to read your item - glad it matches in coolness.

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