Where are all the Rattling powers?

4th Edition

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I am perusing Martial and haven't even made it past the Fighter options before noticing what seems to be a glaring error. For powers that are geared toward the two new builds I see plenty of Invigorating powers but none with the Rattling descriptor. Where are they at? Am I going crazy?


The two new fighter builds are tempest and battlerager. Battlerager uses all those Invigorating powers, but Rattling powers aren't necessarily geared toward any particular build. The tempest fighter uses all those powers that specify wielding two weapons.

If you are looking for fighter specific exploits with the Rattling keyword, prepare for disappointment: there are two, but only if you take avenging slayer (pg 24). Both attacks gained from this paragon path have the Rattling keyword.

Rattling seems to be the venue of the rogue, as a LOT of rogue exploits have Rattling. I figure its mentioned in the fighter section because by sheer technicality, a fighter can get a few such powers.

As for those Invigorating powers, thats not a class feature thingy: anyone can gain temp hit points by using an Invigorating exploit, but only the battlerager class feature lets you stack them.

The short answer is to go with a rogue if you want to use Rattling exploits, or multiclass into it and swap out a few.

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