Monster Geographica: Marsh & Aquatic (d20) Print Edition

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I'm am in the process of beginning to a Seabased campaign, starting tomorrow, using the pathfinder beta rules. In looking for more aquatic creatures I came across this product. I'm considering purchasing it but before I do so, I thought I would inquire what others thought of the supplement. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this product? Thanks

Well, since there were no replies to my original posting yesterday, I will go ahead and take a chance and purchase the product. It is the holiday time and I'm feeling Kris Kringly. I will post my review.

I've had a chance to review the book now and I like it. The formating is nice: the download came with two layouts one for review on the computer screen and the second landscaped version for easy printing. Good touch. In looking over 20 or so various creatures and flora it is easy to use. The company provides an alphabetized table of contents, a creature type layout and lastly, a CR layout. I really like that the creatures are placed in the book by their CR category (all CR 1 are together, all CR 2 are together and so forth) this will make developing encounters a snap. This book does not contain art work but that was fine with me.

I've now have had the time to use this book several times during my water based campaign and I have to say it is terrific. Lots of great creatures and flora located in one convenient, easy to use, book that details one specific terrain type. I would not hesitate recommending this product. In fact, I liked it so much I went to the company's website and purchased all their hard cover terrain books. It helped that they had a terrific year end sale too.

Interesting. They sound like they are well worth the price. Thanks for the info on this book!

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