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This is reposted from a message board that I frequent, if it is posted any where else on Paizo's boards then my apologies. I know what a great group of gamers there are on the Paizo boards so I thought some people might want to chip in:

thewylddream wrote:

Hi, I got asked to forward this information to the local gamers/comic geeks. If this in any way violates any terms of this forum please pull it immediately with my apologies.

CARLA AND LANCE HOFFMAN, video gamers, table top players, comic book geeks, SCA members, and all around wicked nerds. Carla works at a local comic book store and keeps a comic review blog. They live(d) in Montecito a small town near Santa Barbara California. They are truly awesome people who you would find at any good con.

Unfortunately they have had some very bad fate dice rolls lately. On Thursday Nov. 13, 2008. (About 6 days ago.) Lance and Carla were caught in a flash fire/wildfire that overtook them as they were fleeing their home. Fortunately they have survived.

Badly burned they drove themselves out of the fire and to the Montecito fire station and from there were taken by ambulance to a Santa Barbara hospital. They are in stable condition but both have suffered sever burns on their arms and legs and Lance has 3rd degree burns on his head.

Their house was incinerated by the Tea Fire, the huge fire burning around the cities of Montecito and Santa Barbara. It is my understanding that the house was rented and they had no renters insurance. They lost everything. Ever game, every game system, their laptops, everything. They have no clothes, no beds, nothing.

For more information you can check this blog: Newsrama blog
Here is the official announcement about the fund: Tea Fire Burn Victim Relief
Here is the news report on the couple: News article on Noozhawk

I know money is tight right now but if you want to help your fellow gamers there is a few things you can do.

Send a donation to:
The Lance and Carla Burn Fund
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust
1483 East Valley Road
Montecito, CA 93108-1248

Even donations as small as 10$ would be most appreciated.

If you can't send money you can repost this call for help in your own blog/webpage/myspace account. If permissible you could post it on other gamer forums and let others know that two sweet gamers need help. If you are in the SCA please let the locals know that these two need help. Get the word out to others who might be in a better position to give.

And finally you can pray. I know many of us don't usually do that but please keep these two lovely people in your hearts and minds and thank the Power(s) that be for getting them out of the fire and ask them to continue to care for them. They are lovely individuals. They are doing better but they still need our best prayers to avoid further disaster.

You have my prayers, and when I can I will try to help financially. May the God and Goddess watch over them and you for sharing this request. Blessed Be.

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