Wayne Reynolds and Arnie Swekel original art for sale


(Note to Mods - If this is the wrong forum, zap away. Scanning through the list, it seemed the most appropriate, but my apologies in advance if it is not.)

I am unfortunately parting ways with most of my original artwork collection I've gathered from Gen Cons past. They are being auctioned off here on eBay.

Included are several of Arnie Swekel's chapter openers (including Oriental Adventures, Manual of the Planes, and an amazing Savage Species one), an unused but completed piece by Arnie Swekel for Manual of the Planes, and a pair of Wayne Reynolds pieces of the Expanded Psionic Handbook races. They are amazing in detail and it pains me to part with them, but they need a good home.

As an added bonus, I elected to donate 10% to breast cancer research through eBay's new built in charity feature. My family does need the money, but it's hard to say no to generating some charity money as well.

My family thanks you and wishes you happy bidding! :)

Scarab Sages

Oh, I wish I could afford those Wayne Reynolds Pieces...Soooo Pretty...Oh well. Good luck.

Liberty's Edge

the best of lucks
excellent art... unfortunately unable to buy it... but i am sure you will be able to sell it

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