Indiana sports and their rivals

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Indiana rivals make me laugh.

The Colts have the Patriots.
The Pacers have the Knicks.

I wonder if Indiana is the only ones that see this rival. Yes, the Colts and Pacers both have had their time in the sun. But, the Patriots and the Knicks have, in general, always been strong teams. It seems Indiana was like.. hmm... we need rivals... lets pick someone way out of our league.

It's like the Cowboys and the Redskins.

Really no contest. But Redskins fans consider the Cowboys to be HUGE rivals. At least the ones I've known. I'm not saying the Redskins are an awful team.. but the Cowboys as their rivals? Just seems unbalanced.

I like rivals to be at least close in skill IU and Purdue basketball. They are rivals - both teams have consistantly been decent. Sometimes one school is above another for an extended period of time.. but it's long standing.

Local schools.. one hates the other. Typical right? Usually they're within each others skill level though.

I really wonder if the Cowboys consider the Redskins rivals. Or even a threat?

Indiana is an amazing place for sports. We have a nfl and nba. Minor baseball and the Motor Speedway. Lots of minor racetracks as well. Indianapolis is a sports arena with some great college sports mixed in.

But, it just seems they're shooting higher than they should with their "rivals."

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