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I'm planning on starting up Pathfinder Society games in Eugene, Oregon. If interesting, post on this thread or drop me a line at Quite willing to order and run the adventurers, and I have a nice gaming room for a quality experience.

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I for one would be quite willing to play. I've been looking for a good game. Only problem is my schedule. I'm a law student that currently lives in Salem. We should see who else volunteers and then see if my schedule meshes with theirs. Oh, and I do have a second person I can bring into the game too.

Sounds interesting. I'm in Eugene, and a pathfinder fan. Though to be honest, I haven't really done any rpg gaming in like 15 years. Most experience is with 1e and 2e. Though I follow the hobby and have 3.5 core books and some pathfinder books as well.

Anyway, probably not the ideal player for something like this, but keep us informed on how is goes. And good luck.


Ooooo pick me! Pick me! I have been jonesing to play for some time now. I accidentally became the president of my university's RP club and asked some of my guy friends to help me learn how to play. One thing led to another and now I am an addict; with no real intentions of quitting. I live in Salem, OR and would be willing to travel for the right game. My schedule (just like everyone's) is a little hectic (I am a school teacher and a nanny). On the plus side most of my weekends are free. For your head count I am the other player that deathsausage mentioned. Thanks for your time.


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