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I just ordered the 4 PDF's from Sean K Reynolds Games, and they will not personalize in the My Downloads page. Any suggestions?

Same problem here - must be a system thing.

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Me three. Damn those Paizonians and their teasing ways. Why do they torment me so?

Fourthed - most peculiar... :(

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I grabbed the free one to check out the writing before I spent the money on the others. Likewise, it failed to personalize.

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Seems to be just with the four Sean Reynold's pdfs ... I got Kobold Quarterly 1, Curse of the Moon, and the New Argonauts. No issues with KQ personalizing, but the two SKR pdfs won't.

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same here i was just going to post about it, thought I was alone *sniff*

Well, at least I know it's not just my computer. Still frustrating, though.

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Add my name to that list. No problem with the other ones, but the SKR one's won't.

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Same here.
New Argonauts (Looks good I'm keen to see this one) and
Swords to Plowshares

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Gary is aware of the problem.

He will fix it when he gets to work today.

Same for me :(
But it reassures me to know i am not the only one :)

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Seldriss wrote:

Same for me :(

But it reassures me to know i am not the only one :)

We've solved the problem—visit My Downloads to get the ones you picked up.

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