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I was coming up with some NPCs and pregenerated PCs and came up with the following variant bard. Feel free to use it in your campaigns.

Bard Variant: Varisan Seer

The Varisan seer is a spokesperson of fate for their family. With the death of Aroden, discerning the future has become unreliable and vague. However, the Varisan seer still has the talent to pierce the veils of chance as well as any in the current Age, often through a Harrow deck. Their tie with chance and fate also gives them some control over the fate of others.

Most Varisan seers are female, with only a rare few males.

Class Features
The Varisan seer has all of the normal class features of a bard, but tends toward the use of chants and mystic phrases (Perform (Oratory)) instead of playing musical instruments and singing.

Weapon Proficiencies
The Varisan seer gains proficiency in Bladed Scarf instead of Whip.

Spell Selection
Varisan seers concentrate on divinations and affecting the fate of others, rather than flashy effects and powerful illusions. Make the following changes to the bard class spell list:

0- Add detect poison and guidance; remove flare and summon instrument
1st- Add bane, bless, detect evil/good/law, doom, and true strike; remove animate rope, erase, grease, magic mouth, and Nystul's magic aura
2nd- Add augury* and status; remove glitterdust and pyrotechnics
3rd- Add arcane sight and bestow curse; remove gaseous form and phantom steed
4th- Add divination and sending; remove hallucinatory terrain and shadow conjuration
5th- Add contact other plane and true seeing; remove mirage arcana and shadow evocation

*-Commonly using a Harrow deck as the focus

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