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We are rotating characters now with Alpha 3 out, and I am sitting down with the rogue seriously for the first time. This is a minor point but I find it really silly.

Why is the DC for the minor magic and major magic SLA intelligence based? This feels really inconsistant with just about everything.

1st, whatever is fueling these SLAs should really be similar to whatever fuels the rogue use magic device and that is charisma based.

2nd, SLA as a general rule are charisma based. I don't feel a powerful urge to change this general rule.

3rd, consistency. I mean the Wizards school based SLAs and the clerics SLA are based off of charisma and the thief bases their's off of INT. That seems really off to me.

Just my 2 cents.

*Editted to see if the forum goblins might spit it out from never never land.

The way I see it, this represents a Rogue learning a few 'wizardy' tricks. They're not really SLA (at least not in the same way Wizard/Cleric SLAs are), but they sidestep having to give the Rogue with that talent an actual spell progression, and to restrict them to the small amount of magical talent they've 'borrowed' from some poor fool's spellbook. They're Int-based because they're practiced and learned, rather than a manifestation of existing magical power.

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