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I noticed a slight discrepancy between the two.

In the AP1 Player's Guide, p14, it mentions that Chelaxian is different from Common.

In the Gazetteer, p16, Common (Taldane), it mentions that Chelaxian is what the Empire of Cheliax calls common.

I take it that we should go with the Gazetteer and not the AP1 Player's Guide?

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That's correct. James Jacobs has confirmed that (somewhere or other).

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Yes. Unless we tell you otherwise (such as the location of Falcon's Hollow on the Gazetteer's map), always assume that newer products are more correct than older ones. Creating Golarion has been an organic process, and as such we occasionally need to retcon things. :)

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Yeah... the Runelords Player's Guide was the first thing we really published that had a LOT of world stuff in it... and there are a few things we changed, as Mike said. The languages is one of them.

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