Intimidation in Combat (and the Dazzling Display Feat, kinda)

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Intimdation as a combat maneuver has always been subpar, for the following reasons:

* it takes a standard action to perform, denying you the option of actually attacking and dealing damage;
* it does not last long enough for you to take advantage of it on a follow-up round;
* it's single target only;
* the penalties are relatively minor;
* it only works on enemies that are relatively close to you.

I'd like to see this change somehow. The Dazzling Display feat helps with this to a certain extent, but the lack of duration is a key problem that the feat does not overcome. This is particularly true in terms of setting up Stunned Defense, since the initimidated opponents will no longer be shaken when your next action comes up.

WotC dealt with the problem to a certain extent via the Intimidating Strike feat, which both increased the duration (to encounter-length) and decreased the action cost (combining it with a satndard-action attack). Obviously that course of action isn't directly open to you, but I'd like to suggest that you could still take some of those ideas into account. Most notably:

* extend the Skill useage's base duration, to a minimum of "until the end of the next round" (but possibly as high as "until the end of the encounter");
* give us a feat that, like Improved Feint, lets us make Intimidate checks as move actions or otherwise speeds up the process. Improved Demoralize, maybe? Make sure to write it in such a way as to allow Dazzling Display to work with it.

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