Power Attack: Old vs New

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I like the old power attack feat. IMVHO, you should be able to decide just how much you want to put into power vs finesse.
In reality, I box...I don't just decide, "I'm going to throw a normal punch" or "I'm going to load up," I make trade off's..more oomph behind one shot, a faster, more precise punch later, or if I've got an easy target, put all I've got into power.

I'd rather retain the old Power Attack feat. I think more options are always good.

I agree. The old Power Atack feat was more to my liking.

I agree I hope they change it back.

I think the older Power Attack was better.

Silver Crusade

I also agree, the old Power Attack and Combat Expertise were better. This is slightly simpler, but the loss of options isn't worth it.

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