What's fair game in playtest?

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I posted this elsewhere ,but it seemed to be a dead thread...or it could just be that there are so many response to the new game...so, anyway I thought I'd try it again...here it goes:

My crew and I are beginning our playtest ( and new campaign...haven't played DnD for 6-8 months now) this Friday(hoping to keep on a bi-weekly schedule). We are going to use the high hit point option[max die type + con mod + con score}, 28 point build, and core PFRPG races and classes only for character creation.

Anyhoo, was wondering if anyone thinks the use of other 3.5 supplements( spell compendium and magic item compendium in particular) will have a significant affect on the playtest? My gut instinct says yes and so, no pc will begin with any gear or spells outside of the core 3.5 books and the PFRPG ,but maybe later on...

So, we're pretty excited to get going and I will be trying to relay my group's ideas as we go along.

Oh yeah, and thanks again Paizo for supporting the grognards and quasi-grognards(gonna look at 4e...but likely pass on it)..like me.

Tough call. I'd say do what fits your game. On the one hand, using just the prpg will give a lot more screen time to Paizo's changes. But on the other, the game is meant to work with all our old 3.5e books.

Equally valuable feedback, imo.

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