Easy to Read PDF of the Harrow Booklet?

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I can't remember where, but I swear I remember reading about a possible 'Easy to Read' version of the Harrow Booklet (the little one that comes with the deck itself).

I'd like to ask about that...?

Truth be told, I don't need it because I can't read it.. but stupidly I've misplaced mine and I'd like to get a copy. I took it out of the box with the cards and just can't find it, while the cards themselves are safe and sound.

If there are no plans for a downloadable easy to read version.. could I ask for a file just to replace the one I lost? Promise not to post it if you don't want!

At the suggestion of James Jacobs I have an e-mail to Customer Service about this..

Just as a follow up to anybody curious later on.. Customer Service was indeed able to help me resolve this.


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What I'm wondering is would it be possible for those of us who have the Harrow deck already to get the PDF of the booklet in our downloads section?

With regards to the booklet, there's no mention to the Harrowed feat. With the 1st CotCT installment, as a player, I'm not aware of any correlation between the spell in the booklet and the feat. Does one preclude the other (does the feat just do what it says or must one learn the spell to gain the effects mentioned)? What if the one taking the Harrowed feat is a Telepath? Would it need to be gained as an appropriate level power to utilize the benefits listed in the booklet, or would it be restricted to non-psionicists?

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