Weapon proficiencies for particular classes

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The rogue should be proficient in shuriken and possibly bolas as they help to define her subtle and cunning approach to combat.

The druid should be proficient in the short bow (as it is a major hunting weapon) and scythe (for its strong connection to the harvest and similarity to a sickle).

I'm pleased to see that in Pathfinder, clerics are automatically proficient in their deity's favored weapon, but clerics whose deity favores a simple weapon should get somethint to make-up for the loss of a free weapon proficiency. A fair trade-off, I think, is for these clerics to instead get a free Skill Focus in a cleric class skill of their choice.

Also, shouldn't the sap be a simple weapon instead of a martial one? After all, it's such a basic weapon to use, and numerous people practice that form of thuggery without any special weapon training.

Seconded! : )

Sovereign Court

I like how it took over six months for this to get a response. I do like some of the ideas presented however, maybe we should re-post in a Beta thread?

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