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I have an idea for adding in Advanced Classes, similar to the ones from d20 Modern. These classes would be generally attainable at 4th level. These would basically be "professions" or focus on specific aspects of classes. The difference between advanced classes and prestige classes is that prestige classes are well prestigious. These are hidden lore, the knowledge of specific organizations and the like. Some classes that are now prestige classes should become advanced classes in my opinion. Also some base classes could become advanced classes, but for reasons of backwards compatibility probably won't (though I could see variant advanced class version being presented, either in the main book or later on). Here are what I think the prestige classes in the 3.5 DMG would be.

Advanced Classes

Arcane Trickster
Eldritch Knight
Horizon Walker
Mystic Theurge
Thamaturgist? (Would probably be an exception to the at 4th level idea)

Prestige Classes
Arcane Archer
Dragon Disciple
Dwarven Defender
Red Wizard

There would be other differences between advanced classes and prestige classes. These would probably not be hard and fast rules. Advanced classes would generally have only five levels, prestige classes would generally have ten or even more. Prestige classes would often have a lot more choices than advanced classes, though advanced classes would usually have a few choices as well. Prestige classes would often allow many different classes, especially in the case of organization-based ones. They'd also usually have a progression of class features, though generally not a full one except maybe for spellcasting, where as advanced classes would not, having only spellcasting progression.

Why advanced classes? Well some prestige classes just don't seem prestigious enough. Making them be advanced classes instead would have real prestige classes seem more prestigious. Advanced classes also seem to me to fit some concepts better than having them be full prestige classes.

Liberty's Edge

I like the idea of both Advanced and Prestige classes and I would add that most Advanced class only need to be 5 levels. Look at how many 3.5 PrCs only have class abilities every other level.

Another thing to consider is Fantasy Flight's Legendary Classes for those who like Epic Play.

Yeah I was going to also suggest that a new kind of class be available at epic, but I forgot.

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