Evening of an empire, the eagle in autumnn


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Male Human Cleric 4

Isat keeps one eye on the removal of his patient and the other on the cart driver. He is slightly perturbed by the man's interest in their activities.

Sense motive 1d20+2 ?¨ [19,2] = (21)


The man seems genuinely curious but his motive seems more that of seeking entertainment rather then concern or helpfulness.
He doesn’t strike you as a person to put much trust in.


The mans pocket are empty. Conspicuously so...

“You seem in plenty of a rush and not very chatty. Haha I can't say that has ever afflicted me, some of my friends call me the mouth of the Mese.” The cart drive cheerily adds.
“But just to show you Roman hospitality isn’t dead perhaps I can lighten your load. I and Germanicus aren’t in any rush.” He gives the ox an affectionate pat on the rump.
“Its a lot easier and will attract far less attention then luging him across town. I’m surprised the the ol’keepers of order haven’t beset you yet. ”
“Don’t worry there are only roof titles in the back so he cannot do them any harm. What do you say?”

"Off we go, good sir."

Aside, to Rufinus: "So what do you think, a man carries nothing in his pockets and gets stabbed, or a man is robbed and his pockets are empty."

That didn't make sense. lol. It was supposed to say 'emptied'.

Male Human Cleric 4

"Thanks friend."

Isat steps aside to let his bulkier colleagues lift the man into the cart. As he does so, he passes quietly by Rufinus and Modius.

"I wouldn't entirely trust him." he murmers. "We don't want him gossiping about this, do we?"

M Human Fighter 4

Paper looks at Mese

"It is good to see some Roman values yet remain kind sir. We can take this unfortunate to ..."

Paper sketches in the directions to his family's villa

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

softly, to Modius "there are many reasons for villains to stab someone. The contents of a man's pocket get him killed less often than the contents of his mind. This man may still be in danger. I will go with you to make sure he is able to last the day. If you need my help though, I ask that you feed me. I will not last long without food. My back is strong. I see trouble coming. I can fix things and make them. I have my own tools, and can make tools too. If you can provide me with a meal, I can provide labour and security. If you can't I will need to go and hunt and will not have time to see this man safe. Food for muscle? Coins for my skills? What say you friend? You and your companions reek of opportunity."

Rufinus Galsius. wrote:
Food for muscle? Coins for my skills? What say you friend? You and your companions reek of opportunity."

"You are a decent man in a world with few: I call you friend. And if I might say so, we just plain reek. I could use a bath."

The insensitive jerk inside Hrothgar cannot help but say after hearing what Modius just said, "Bah, Modius. You are getting soft."

Male Human Cleric 4

Isat smiles wryly at Modius's last comment.

"Are we not all children of opportunity? Join us and welcome. After my patient is settled, the bath Modius mentioned and food for us all would be a good idea. I will gladly contribute to your share."

Catching the look on Hrathgar's face, he adds quietly "Goodwill and the making and mending of tools are not skills to be despised Red."

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

relieved and relaxing a little. "Thank you all. Let us get this man to safety. We can get to know each other on the way."
Rufinus and Hrothgar are going to load the victim on the wagon. To Modius: "could you follow after us and see if we are followed?" "We are larger and more conspicuous than you."

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

Rufinus is making sure that he does not seem to be challenging Hrothgar. He will keep his head down, and not make eye contact. He will also make sure to keep his movements slow and steady especially when he gets Greta (His hammer). He will take the least desirable seat as well. He is very conscious of rank and does not want to seem a threat or challenge."

"So you keep telling me, Isat."

Rufinus Galsius. wrote:
"could you follow after us and see if we are followed?" "We are larger and more conspicuous than you."

Modius looks at Rufinus with a little bit of shock in his eyes. He smiles and walks away. A minute later, so as to not let Hrothgar think Rufinus is giving orders, he mentions to his friends that he will sneak behind.

Hide 1d20+5=24, Move Silently 1d20+5=25, Spot 1d20+7=11

M Human Fighter 4

Paper motions to the motley group

"Come. We can all find some rest and refreshment at my family's house when we settle this unfortunate."

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I believe we are on our way. The victim is secure in the bed of the wagon. Paper is probably riding on the bench next to the driver, giving directions. Hrothgar and I are riding in the back, probably keeping watch and making sure the wagon and it's load don't damage or jostle the patient. Isat would be next to the wounded man, to make sure he stays stable. Rufinus is going to shade the wounded man's face from the rain (and view) with his poncho if possible. As agreed, Modius Larci is tailing us to see who else is doing so. The victim ought to be hard to see in the back, with two Goth giants and the roof tiles shielding him from view. Rufinus has his ears open to hear what his new companions are saying. He will keep quiet unless addressed, or he notices something.

Male Human Cleric 4

Isat is indeed riding stylishly on the roof tiles keeping a watchful eye on his patient.

“…And Marcellus visited, right under Basil’s nose wooing sweet Julia. Never did Basil the purveyor of spices become suspicious how Marcellus’s buttons would need to be reattached every other day. Funny that.”
The Cart drive Flavius Agrippa by name has been regaling you with stories the whole trip and you‘re certain that that you must know the doings of every neighbour, slave or beggar on this street.

Turning to you he asks. “Now what are your thoughts about Theodosius? Do you think he will make those Goths bend their knees to us?”

Male Human Cleric 4

"I am fortunate in numbering Goths among my friends, and I've yet to see them bend a knee to anyone except as part of a journey to the bar room floor. Theodosius will do what he must of course, but I think he should try negotiating rather than fighting."

Isat's voice carries a slight warning tone and he tries to catch Rufinus and Red's eyes and indicate they should not rise to provocation.

M Human Fighter 4
Herald of the Empire wrote:

Turning to you he asks. “Now what are your thoughts about Theodosius? Do you think he will make those Goths bend their knees to us?”

Paper shifts uneasily as the driver brings up Theodosius

"The Goths are being given title to the lands they mauraded over. They will be a part of the empire. Whether they will assimilate when there are so many flooding over the border remains to be seen."

Paper's eyes take on a faraway cast. Visions of shreiking red-haired demons fill his mind as his nose remembers the smell of rancid mare's milk rolling off the Goths that hot Augustus afternoon two years ago. He shakes his head slightly, trying to concentrate on the driver's harmless prattle.

Looking wistful Agrippa adds “The Goths must be a test from god... I cannot see how they could have gained the upper hand against us if it where not for Valens wickedness.
I don’t know, but I feel that Theodosius will be good for the empire. He is a good Roman Christian from what I heard and that’s a blessing. Long have eastern heresies figure to predominately here in Nople. Just what we need by my reckoning to set our house in order so things can go back to being good like when Augustus of old ruled.
It does my heart good to know that he has drawn a host to Thessalonica and soon once the grass is green will march forth against them. My heart quails when I think of the terror those towns that have been cut off from the empire unable to harvest must know. And while it might be unchristian like the sooner those Goths paint the sands of arenas throughout out the empire all the better I say.
Of course I don’t mean any offence to your tame ones.”

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

To Hrothgar, quietly "Pay no mind to the man. He is like a dog barking behind a fence. If he knew how virile and stout our people are, he would quake with fear. Let him prattle as he will. Any who look on you can see the true mettle of Germania."

Hrothgar simply nods. He scratches his gluteus maximus.

M Human Fighter 4
Agrippa wrote:
Looking wistful Agrippa adds “The Goths must be a test from god...

"Aye." Paper grunts

Though probably not the god you think of Paper thinks to himself

Male Human Cleric 4

Isat concentrates on his patient, watching for signs that the man may be about to speak.

Modius lurks through the shadows just out of sight, tailing his friends and looking for others who might have decided to follow.

Obviously a little put off by the lack of response Agrippa stays silent for the rest of the trip.

The wagon creaks and the tiles rattle as the cart climbs up the cut stone street of one of Constantinople’s hills until reaching the Domos/town house Papier had indicated.

“Here you are.” Agrippa adds a tad glumly.

The building seems dark but it is hard to say as it has no exterior windows as is the Roman norm. Its whitewashed facade and heavy green painted door presenting a completely anonymous mien to the outside world.


Many a lowlife eyes the wagon but non seriously take any threatening actions. Perhaps quite a wise course with such an armed compliment.

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

To Aggrippa:"Thank you very much for helping this man get to shelter. You have done a positive good."

Rufinus and Hrothgar are going to unload the victim and get ready to move him into the house.

To Papyrus: "Permission to enter, Dominus?"

M Human Fighter 4

Paper clambers down from the wagon.

"Friend Agrippa, you have done a good thing today. You truly embody the values which made the Empire great."

Paper guestures to his home.

"Although I am poor in money, perhaps I can thank you with some refreshments? Let us get our unfortunate here settled and I will have some food prepared for everyone."

Paper guestures to the house

"Please all, be welcome at my family's abode. I will go ahead and make sure things are ready if you all would see to the wounded one."

Male Human Cleric 4

Concentrating on his patient, Isat nonetheless takes time to thank Agrippa.

"Paper, can you tell me where you would like our injured soul taken? I would like to make him more comfortable before joining you."

Would like to make a spot check please to see if I can find out a bit more about what kind of weapon wounded this bloke. Throwing in a Know(nat) as well in case that's useful in these circumstances.

Spot [20,2] = (22)
Know (nat) [19,7] = (26)

Well knock me over sideways with a wallaby. Those are good.

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

To Paper "Dominus. This man's enemies may find him here. I think it would be a good idea to close up access to the house so that we may only have one entrance to guard, and have a set of eyes on the street to give fair warning of trouble. Perhaps your goodly neighbours could let us know if strangers are about?"

Rufinus is going to take the opportunity to clean himself up as much as he can. When food becomes available, he will take the last pick of each dish, but will eat steadily. If any grains are served, he will load up on them, but it is fruits, vegetables and proteins he is most lacking.

As a matter of common sense, Rufinus will try to always be in a room with other people, and never alone, plus he will show no interest or curiosity in any posessions in the household. If anything goes missing, he wants to be assured that he will not be suspected. As the lowest in the room, he will also see to others needs and will surreptitiously serve the others.

Hrothgar waits for Modius to make his appearance.

Modius ambles up when they arrive at their destination.

"Hello gentleman. Nothing suspicious. Except me of course.... Nice place, Paper."

M Human Fighter 4
Rufinus wrote:
To Paper "Dominus. This man's enemies may find him here. I think it would be a good idea to close up access to the house so that we may only have one entrance to guard, and have a set of eyes on the street to give fair warning of trouble. Perhaps your goodly neighbours could let us know if strangers are about?"

"Wise words friend. Let us make it so."

Paper calls for the house servants to open the door

Herald, can I get a little idea of staffing and people in the house?

Male Human Cleric 4

Isat would greatly prefer not to be left alone with the wounded man. If he says anything interesting or dangerous he wants witnesses. Plus he has the combat skills of a kipper and if anyone pulls a knife on him, he's basically dead.

"If one of you could accompany me while the patient is settled, I'd be grateful. Rufinus perhaps? Or Paper, you mentioned you had field experience? In any case your generosity is most welcome."

With a slight wry smile he adds "A bath would be an idea as well. I am somewhat ... sullied by our recent experience." He looks ruefully at his robe, now stained with the unknown's blood, rooftile dust and the grime of Constaninople's streets.

"Alright... I'll lift the guy. But this settles the cleaning bill."

Male Human Cleric 4

"It's a discount. Hardly full settlement. Come on mighty one, let's get him settled."


From your original examination you’re pretty certain that a small blade honed to razor sharpness inflicted the wounds.

After a few minutes a feeble light appears around the frame of the stout timbers followed by a scraping as the bolt is withdrawn. Opening a crack a thin grey haired face thus out of the void. For an instant the face stares unseeingly into to the night. Then the gaze focuses and settles upon up you.
“Welcome back”. The elder gentle bows deeply almost loosing his balance as he does.
“It is good to see you back and I see that you have brought some friends. Will they be staying Master Gnaeus, emm I mean Papyrus. And shall it be for long if I maybe so boldly inquire?”


The servant is one Zalmoxis per Oros, an elderly servant/slave who has been in your family since you were a youth.
Make a sense motive check.

M Human Fighter 4
Herald of the Empire wrote:

The servant is one Zalmoxis per Oros, an elderly servant/slave who has been in your family since you were a youth.

Make a sense motive check

Sense motive: 1d20-1=0

Boy I hope he isn't holding a knife, LOL

Paper smiles, the first real one the group has seen. It transforms him into a much younger man.

"Zalmoxis! It is good to see you. I am bringing someone who could benefit from some Roman hospitality. My friends here and I witnesses this unfortunates collapse on the street, he has been sorely wounded. We have a Persian doctor here, I would like to have the wounded man set up in a guest room and Isat, the doctor given any aid he requires."

Paper speaks in a sofer tone

"Who is in residence at this time, Zalmoxis?"

Male Human Cleric 4

"Careful Red. Those wounds were made with something small but very sharp. Don't want them opening again."

"I am the personification of gentleness." Hrothgar mock-stumble as he lift the man.


Zalmoxis smiles at the throng of mismatched foreigners huddled and soaked outside.

"Dominae, Please come inside at once. This is no weather to stand about in." He ushers you all inside with a sweep of his arms, and immediately starts fussing about, taking wet clothes and hurrying ahead to make a bed for the wounded man.

Hrothgar sees the victims eyes flutter for a moment. The man is clearly in shock. His needs for warmth are met by the competant house slave.

A brazier is lit in the kitchen. Many rooms are sealed off, and the house seems very still and gloomy under the oppressive sky and thundering.

Within a few minutes, Zalmoxis has brought out a pot of kidney bean and chicken stew. He places it on the brazier. It is obviously his own meal, but he has added peppers to pad it out for the surprise guests.

"We have no bread sirs. I am sorry. The baker closed for the rain to mend his roof."
He looks around at you all to see if anything else is needed and then bounces off to dry your clothes.

The brazier casts a conspiratorial glow in the gloom of the storm.

You are all drying out, which steams up the room a bit. Four blankets have appeared without any of you noticing the old slave put them there.



The patient has been given a bed in what appears to have been a girls room. A few small straw dolls sit on a shelf with some candle stubs. The room is very dusty and has been sealed off for a while. Air and light will be hard to come by here.
Your patient has been stabbed six times in the gut. The knife was only a few inches long, but has caused a lot of damage. Without a lot of care, toxins from the man's intestines will get into the blood and cause secondary complications. You have contained the bleeding, but must still clean the wounds and stick his intestines back together. It is the most challenging medical emergency you have seen all year.



You can smell hashish in the air of the villa. You are led by the old servant into a room at the back of the domicile, where a bed has been made. A small brazier and an amphora of water stand on a small table at the foot of the bed. Zalmoxis will strip the man down and take his blood soaked clothes to wash once you put the man down.



Make a knowledge: local or know: politics check.

Dc 17

This house belongs to a family of paper merchants who maintain it as a satellite of their other properties.

Dc 21
Word on the street is that the family is christian in appearance only. Slave rumour has it that the sons of the family are at odds.

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