Evening of an empire, the eagle in autumnn


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"Hrothgar? Shall we have a look?"

<Modius waves his hand toward the alley.>

Radavel, Taliesin, and Kruelaid all post on Asian time.

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I post on get up too g%^%amnned early for work time :P

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Rufinus says "I have no coin to pay a doctor, but I can carry him if you need. Water or light, you need?"

Isat looks approvingly at the huge but apparantly kindly man. "The Wise Lord will balance all our payments. Perhaps yours is made in a different coin to sestersii." - for once he seems sincere, lacking his usual cynical tone.

"Kind stranger, if you and Paper would help to move our patient once Modius and Red have found a suitable spot, we will see what we can do."

Asian time being in the future for me, so you're +5 hours ahead?

I was thinking of having a look down the alley he staggered out of. But if Isat wants him moved then Modius will refrain.

Asian time meaning Beijing, Hong Kong, and I believe the Philippines and Taiwan are all on the same clock. GMT +8."

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Modius Larci wrote:

I was thinking of having a look down the alley he staggered out of. But if Isat wants him moved then Modius will refrain.

Asian time meaning Beijing, Hong Kong, and I believe the Philippines and Taiwan. All on the same clock. GMT +8."

Look down the alley first. Isat just wanted him out of the crowd in the portico before we go to work on him. In case we have to get nasty or he turns out to have information we want to keep to ourselves.

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Rufinus cracks a smile and looks visibly relieved that he will not bear financial responsibility for the stranger. Seeing the legionnaire and sprightly Hibernian eying the alley, he says "I can carry him alone. it is easier on his wounds. Go look for his attackers if you will so"
He takes a tin pan out of his toolkit and puts it under a trickle from the roof to collect water and brings it to the doctor.
"My name is Rufinus, late in the possession of the Galsii. Janus smiles on a man who has no coin, if he finds a doctor who wants none" "Let me know when you need help to carry him. He is light." He does not offer his hand to the doctor, as there is probably blood on it.

Rufinus has taken off his poncho to lay under the wounded man. He is bare-chested now. His back is a riot of scars.

Yes you can try to discern more about Lupius . But it will require another knowledge (local) as he is a different subject then which the previous roll was towards.

Dc 10


Lupius is the closest thing Constantinople has to a tribune, often breaking rank with his class and supporting plebeian causes. This have given time a reputation as a maverick, if a fair and level headed one. Yet despite these traits he has not been fully accepted by the plebs either.
Lupius was pleased that Theodius was appoint as the Commander of the eastern empires soldiers and favours him over Valens heir for the New Augustus.

]DC 15

Lupius is quite wealthy like most senators but yet received a small inheritance and nor seeming to possess any major sources of revenue. The source of this revenue is a mystery.
Every one.

Dc 20


Lupius and a faithful member of the Roman church and often has directly opposed to political appointments of those that espouse other doctrines. Thought he has always been careful to maintain the imagine of doing so upon other grounds.

Events have gotten somewhat ahead of themselves.
Isat: Approaching the wounded man (about half way)
Rufinus: At the wounded figure.
Hrothgar: Flexing his muscles upon the portico.
Modius: Approaching the wounded man(about half way).
Paper. Approaching the wounded man(about half way).
The Fallen man is about 250ft. from the portico.

As you rush towards the fallen figure a savage snarl erupts from the threshold of the alley. A dirty man in a tattered smock materializes from the gloom. A crimson pugio/dagger clenched in his fist like a beast with but a single claw. He has been watching your approach with intently.

Rufinus has already made his spot check and fail and thus is surprised. No one else has line of sight. Papier and Isat may make a listen check (DC 25) In order to see if they are surprised as well. Also roll initiative. Hrothgar in the portico is automatically surprised.

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I move that we have a bit of a meeting on the PBP thread to discuss the sequence of events so that we do not break the momentum we have built.

I'd second the motion but saying such things is completely against my character. Let's just say I said: "On with it, you lout!"

For the above:
Knowledge (local) (1d20 4=21)

On to the assailant:
Initiative (1d20 3=11)

Initiative (1d20+7=15)

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Initiative 1d20 ?¨ [9] = (9) - clearly too thrilled at the prospect of saving a another life to be interested in my own. No point in doing Listen check - Isat is -1

As the occupants of the portico suddenly realise what is happening there is an eruption of pointing and silent whispers. As innocuously as possible people being slipping away, their aversion to the rain suddenly forgotten.
Whether because illusions of safety in the days fading hours have tarnished here on Constantinople’s main drag, or because of fear of scrutinized by the legal authorities who now sure must be on their way, who can say.

Modius continues toward the fallen man.

Hrothgar follows the little man (Modius).

Compared to Hrothgar, Modius is a little man. LOL

You all stand gathered around the fallen man. Dark curly hair lies slickly against the crown of his head. While his skin is of an olive complexion common to many of the warmer parts of the empire. His dark clothing are simple workman’s things: a grey cloak, a tunic tied with a rope belt and simple soft sold leather shoes.

His breath comes in short jagged gasps and his chest wound gushes blood uninhibitedly. Even the untrained eye can tell he is not going to be long for this world unless he receives some urgent aid.

Male Human Cleric 4

Isat kneels beside the fallen man and attempts to stabilise him. He speaks quietly to his patient, hoping to reassure him.

Since I don't have any healing skills as such, I don't know what you'd like me to roll for this. Is he conscious?

Heal roll to stop bleeding?

Modius will provide AID ANOTHER, standard action, to your heal roll: +2.

Male Human Cleric 4

Duh! Just woken up and being stupid. Me, not you.

1d20+8 ?¨ [4,8] = (12) +2 aid from Modius - clearly Isat isn't at his best. Apologies to bleeding chap.

EDITED to add Modius's Aid Another. Will add in Paper's +2 as well if allowed. Which would be 16. Guy might live.

Isat desperately trys to stem the bleeding.

That should be 14. I'm helping.


It is not clear to me how many may AID so I always rule depending on the situation. It's up to Herald.

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Good morning all! I will add another +2 in aid another (if that is allowed)

Applying pressure to the wound, the blood flow begins to abate. You have bought yourself time but the stranger still is slipping. He is still very wreak and growing cold, maybe all of his blood has been spent?
Elysium calls out or wherever he believes his soul will rest, and his body seeks to oblige.

To stabilize him you may make another heal check. Isat can gain the same aided another bonus

Male Human Cleric 4

1d20+8 ?¨ [10,8] = (18) + any aid another bonuses anyone wishes to add

Calling on Ahura Mazda the Wise Lord to guide his hands, Isat fights to call his patient back from Elysium.

Miraculously but never the less assuredly the strangers colour begins to return and this breathing becomes soft and rhythmic once more. Unconscious he may be but the drujs of Ahriman shall not claim this one, at least not this day.

Hrothgar stands watch over his companions. His hands never far from his weapons.

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More relieved than he wants to admit that his patient has stabilised, Isat turns to his companions.

"He's stable enough for now, but he needs rest and peace if we are to talk to him and find out what happened here. Is there anywhere we can take him? Leaving him in the street is not the best rest cure, even for Red here."


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Does anyone have lodging nearby?

Do I?

"What was that you said, Isat?!"

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"Just pointing out that even you recover better somewhere quiet Red." rejoins Isat. "Last time you passed out, it cost Modius and I a lot to get you carried home."


Isat Vastra wrote:
"Just pointing out that even you recover better somewhere quiet Red." rejoins Isat. "Last time you passed out, it cost Modius and I a lot to get you carried home."

Hrothgar pauses a long time, deep in thought, then, "I don't remember being passed out. Oh... wait... did I vomit on you that one time?"

Male Human Cleric 4

"Memory returns. A miracle. We can discuss my cleaning bill later Red."

Glancing at Paper, Isat asks, "Do you know of a safe place for my patient? We should perhaps try moving him before we attract attention."

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

"We can use the cloak as a stretcher."

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

Rufinus is going to do his own heal check, to bandage and bind the wounds before moving the man onto his cloak and washing away the blood on the street with the water from the tin.


Gnaeus Cornelius Papyrus wrote:

Does anyone have lodging nearby?

Do I?

Modius is homeless

Night settles over Constantinople like the snuffing of a candle and the rain begins to taper.
With darkness the city slow but surely churns to life and the streets being to fill with traffic as the prohibition against wheeled traffic lifted for the day and those who duties require nocturnal a life begin to stir.

An oxen cart stops beside you and a short bull doggish looking man calls out in a rustic accent to you.

“Aye, having difficultly friends?”

Giving a short nod to the unconscious man and a shy wink “I know it might be a bit of a gamble but if you were murders looking to pitch him into the horn I wouldn’t be thinking you’d be a traipsing as bold as a rutting boar down the Mese.”

“Nople can be rough on people who don’t know her ways. If you don’t mine and old busy body asking, what happened to your pal?”

"We don't even know his name. We are just passing Samaritans...

<He looks around at the others.>

... figuratively speaking. He appears to have fallen on a dagger in a dark alley."

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"Just trying to help our fellow man. We were debating whether and where to move him in fact." confirms Isat.

"If it's safe to move him, then let's go." Hrothgar moves to pick up the fallen man.

"Once I've checked his pockets, big brother."

Search: (1d20 7=11)

"Might be something dangerous in here."

<Modius looks around at the cart driver, Gnaeus, Rufinius, and Isat.>

"Hrothgar and I are currently between residences, has anyone a safe place to look after this chap?"

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Rufinus is going to help Hrothgar to reduce impact on the victim's injuries. One man can easily carry him, I assume. If it is a stretcher arrangement, as suggested, he will grab the feet and be the one to walk backwards. He is also going to watch Modius' hands to make sure that nothing of the victim's is taken.
"My name is Rufinus. I do not have a place now. Perhaps the good doctor has one?"

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Paper looks at the group

"My family keeps a villa in Constantinople. We can bring him there."

Modius steps back (with whatever he found during the search if anything).

"Let's go then, shall we gentleman?"

Male Ostrogoth Barbarian 2

To Modius Larci, softly "You had better be looking for clues and not wealth, or I will have something to say about it!"

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