Crucible of Chaos - more dino-riding lizardfolk fun!


Just a shameless plug here (though, I don't feel bad because I'm not getting another dime for it, but Paizo might if you buy the back issues), but as soon as a I saw the picture of the lizardfolk and the dinosaur I recalled two of my Dragon magazine articles that could be applicable. Although they are for the Hollow World setting, they deal with dinos and lizardfolk together and can be applied most anywhere. I thought they were fun. :)

"Sundering Ka" in Dragon #315
Covers a ritual that lets you take some power of a dinosaur as your own (primarily geared toward evil NPCs, but applicable to PCs as well). Crunchy bits include a template (CR +1, LA +2) and some feats. Could be used for the lizardfolk even if the fluff in these articles goes completely against that.

"Children of Ka" in Dragon #318
This is the lizardfolk who are working to stop the above abuse of dino life force. Crunchy bits here are mostly spells (majority of which wound up in the Spell Compendium), and a lesser dinosaur good for low-level animal companions. (Also, a lizardfolk Savage Species style level monster class and one of those lvl 1-20 "sample progressions" that they used to have all the time, in this case a lizardfolk druid/rogue).

Just thought I'd toss that out there in case anything would be fun to add onto the adventure for any groups out there. Enjoy!

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