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I realize it's probably not feasible this early on while still trying to establish/solidify the Planet Stories product line, but I figure I'd throw out there that I would love audiobook versions of Planet Stories. Doesn't have to be packaged and in stores, is ideal for myself. I just find it leaps and bounds easier to get through a book on my iPod (going to and from work, doing the dishes, etc.) than it is to find time to sit and read a book.

It's unfortunately been months since I read a novel, but I get through 1 every week or two listening to it.

Just throwing out the request to see what other interest there is in it, and get the Paizo folk considering it someday. :)

Paizo Employee Chief Creative Officer, Publisher

In general, we are not purchasing the audiobook rights for these novels. We don't have that kind of expertise at the moment, and the last thing we need right now are more balls to juggle.

Maybe in the future, but for now, no.

Thanks for the feedback!


No problem. I figured it wasn't on the radar for any time soon, but I also should have figured that it would be different rights.

But like I said, just saying, at least with this customer and however many quietly hypothetical customers I may represent, there's interest for when it does become feasible.


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