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Tribune and The temple falling into the abyss for me. I liked them all but these 2 really stuck in my mind and I would/may use them. The bobsled thing was a bit too much for me but still very cool. I liked the others too (probably Vale next) but some didn't really blow me away.

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We are almost done with the vote, I would strongely suggest that 'strategic' voters should just vote for the entry they really liked.

Page 2... time for a poll update.

The top three look to be more or less settled, (with a bit of shoving and bickering for #2) but the battle for 4th is still going strong.


38 Total Respondents

28 Chase on Charred Ground
18 Monkey Goblins Attack!
15 Impartial Tribunal
05 Vale of Rohthang's Rest
05 A Prayer for the Fallen
01 A Precarious Shrine
Bookeeping wrote:

04 Total Floaters

ericthecleric (chase/???)
Clandestine (chase/???)
magdalena thiriet (vale/???)
[Propeliea's wife] (chase/???)

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You know what this means, right?

Whichever four win, all four contestants will propose a full length adventure called: Volcano of the Monkey Goblins, in which they have to rescue a cursed inevitable from the vicious monkey goblins.

Vote is still out on whether said adventure will actually be an ice volcano that is also the lair of a white dragon, or whether the shrine of the monkey goblins is slowly being pulled into another plane.

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Jason Nelson 20 wrote:

I've run evil campaigns before and it's not really my cup of tea either. After about a year of one such campaign I just decided I didn't want to do it any more, so the campaign ended. Maybe that's the answer for you, maybe not, but value yourself and your enjoyment of the game as much as you do the players'.

My two bits...

I've ran a couple evil games and I think they are fun in the right context. They really only work for me if the PCs are really over the top in a 'Bwahaha' sort of way. Also there is no doubt there needs to be a consensus on the players/DM for that sort of thing. Clearly one PC going evil in an otherwise good or neutral party just does not work and is far more trouble than its worth.

I ran one a few years back set in Rel Astra, was decent fun. One PCs was a zombie, the bloated corpse of a sailor. Another was a standard 'evil wizard' who made a lair under an orphanage and colluded with a small band of Kobolds to terrorize the kids (just for kicks, though he did get a pair of orphan-skin boots out of it). A third was a manic depressive magic shield that dominate its owner. And so forth..

As a DM I guess thats when you know your running an evil campaign when your stating up Orphan-Skin Boots that leave a trail of tears behind the wearer...

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To help your scoreboards, Nem-Z, I voted Chase and that's it. No mystery second vote used.

I voted for Chase on Charred Ground and A Prayer for the Fallen.

ericthecleric wrote:
To help your scoreboards, Nem-Z, I voted Chase and that's it. No mystery second vote used.

I know, but I'm leaving it open for you if you change your mind.

Also, before posting each updated count I double check my results by adding up the total votes (including floaters), dividing it by number of votes/person that round, and comparing it to my running count of total respondents.

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