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Steve, Andrew, Bevis, Dave, Chris - please do not read further.

Particularly you, Steve, you metagamer.

I have built some combined maps for Champion's Belt, showing various combinations of the layers. To do this, I removed the grid from the caverns layer, as the scale was just wrong. If you line up the scales, everything is wonky, but if you line up the rings then everything is ok. This is not a drama, as there is not a lot of tactical combat in the caverns level, anyway.

I also think the town layer is too big relative to the ring. But, whatever. I lined up points F and G to do it.

The maps are ... untidy. The main point is to show the relationships between levels. I put orange circles wherever there is a stairway.

The url is here. I put it on the bigpond server rather than loading up my longsuffering 12" PPC PowerBook.

*Please work please work please work*

God damn it. Why are all these cool resource links broken by now?

Liberty's Edge

Time for some thread necromancy.

Any current link for these maps?

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