Trip from Magnimar to Turtleback in # 3

Rise of the Runelords

Here's a skeleton I'm using for what happens to my party en route, to make things more interesting than a 'you ride for 9 days, and nothing happens'

• 7 day journey
o Recommend they take boat up Yondabakari river to Whistledown (3 days), then 4 days by horseback to Turtleback
o 25 gp/person for the ride, 100 gp/each if they want backup (3 lv 3 fighters)
o Day 1-nothing
o Day 2-Boggard gang initiation, 15 of them (1050 XP if solo, 656 if got aid)
o Day 3-Argorth (1680/1050 if kill, though it runs)-ship captain tells about mother of oblivion
o Arrive at whistledown
 Day 4-5- plains safe
o Day 6-upon reaching forest-- Mytarlacoraxithryl encounter en route-killed Shalelu’s mom (1680 xp if kill, though fly away at 50 hp)
o Day 7-Roll encounter using Varisian table
• Along way, Shalelu can give info on pgs 9-10

thanks to the person who came up with Mytarl the green dragon! (i forget the name off the top of my head, but you know who you are :)

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Thank you for sharing! I'll only be starting PF#1 in a couple weeks, but I have thought about this trip a tad. I intend on emphasizing the lands, flora, fauna, with one or two setting-specific creature encounters.


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