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(to paraphrase my man Rob McCreary)

As we come to the final 48 hours of voting, I thought there might be some people who just can't decide where to cast their last vote or two.

If this is your situation, may I humbly suggest . . . Abzirael Ul-Shadai?

Let's break it down, shall we?

Like giant flying super-demons from before the world dawned? He is one!
Like flame-lazers? Abzirael's got 'em!
Like adverbs? His nick-name is a PAIR of them!
Like those stupid "good-guys"? Well, neither does he!
Like god-kings (and who doesn't?) The Ul-Shadai is snagging that title back!
Like psionics? Well . . . his powers are easily adaptable to a non-psi game!
And lest we forget, A BIG CRAZY POEM! It smells like . . . backstory!

I hope everyone else is having as much fun with this as I am. Hope to see you in the next round.

To my fellow Superstars: Feel free to add your own last minute voter appeals here. We're all in this together!

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snort, stamp, stamp...

Hey you two-legged meatbags, Avinash here! You know, some people may think I don't have any grand schemes or plans, but I can promise you that this villian is 'planning' on taking a nice personal visit to each and every person who doesn't vote for me to kick your sorry backside! Nobody knows kicking like a horse, all right? Don't think I won't do it either! What are you gonna do to stop me? Walls? Guards? Magic spells? "My Little Pony" nite lite? Please.

You still have time, though. Take a ride on the wild side. You ever want to travel to exotic lands, meet new and interesting people, and kill them? I have got openings available at both the henchman and minion level, and we are thinking about adding a 'poser'-level membership to the Avinash fan club for those wannabes who like the idea but just can't quite commit at this time. Come on, your ride will come pre-pimped out, with a built-in flame job; how can you top that? And you ladies out there, we have a special 'velvet rope' club just for you. Ohhhh yeahhhhh.....

You know that saying about something being 'your worst nightmare.' Don't vote for me and you just might find out where that saying came from. Fade to black...

(P.S. I'm with Boomer. The contest has been a blast. Stressful, time-consuming, but flat-out fun. Hope to see you in the nexxt round!)

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