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Round 2: Design a country

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Thanks for the input and support Connor. I'm actually very anxious for voting to close so I can discuss the entry in more detail...if anyone is even up for that by then.


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Just wanted to spread this comment about - a great job on all these entries to all the competitors. Many have be inspiring and interesting to read.
I have been reading these out of order, and this entry was the 5th one I read. I apologize if I repeat what has been mentioned.

Like some others, the barbarian-tribal feel I got was a mixture of medieval Mongol culture and Gypsy mysticism. It's an interesting combination, and I like the picture you paint of the place, culture, names and general details. The NPC details are also interesting.

I also found that the free-slave republic was a nice contrast, with some more work to flesh it out I think.

That being said, the name of place wasn't very appealing - it almost reminded me of the generic names that TSR used in its 1st edition stuff. While the place certainly is interesting, I think the biggest issue was finding something that would make it appealing to venture in. It's almost too self-contained; it reads like a travel guide.

There are some places that evoke a certain quality for a campaign or game world. Generally, it falls as:
a) Some place your players/PCs GO TO - for adventure, quests, missions, etc
b) Some place your players/PCs are FROM - this is their home and can be used as the basis for their background
c) Some place your players/PCs want TO STAY IN - they can adventure there; live in that society; and generally the game can be based there long term.

In this case, it's definetly (a) in terms of what it might be used for - but without more hooks that's hard. It could possibly be (b), either as either a barbarian or maybe as a valley character, with more details.

Interesting stuff, but compared to some entries, its unlikely to be in my top 5.

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Thanks for the very well-thought out critique.


You have unfailingly replied politely to every comment by every poster on both threads. Your honesty and manners are beautiful.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32 , Star Voter Season 6 aka exile


Thanks for noticing. I'm sure that I've failed to respond directly to a few comments, and it's much easier to respond politely to those comments that hide a even small nugget of praise amongst the criticism. That said, I strive to behave in this fashion in real life as much as online. I believe its one of the keys to building successful relationships in business (and life for that matter).


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