Hey, my posts are getting scrubbed!

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Hey, my last few posts aren't, well, they aren't being posted. Did I make someone mad? I wasn't being mean or inappropriate or anything so, what's up with that?

I wouldn't sweat it overmuch. Happens whenever the forums get real busy (lost like 6 posts this morning which finally resurfaced later this evening). The only real downside is, by the time your post does resurface, the thread is miles away and it doesn't get read. Sometimes logging in as another account makes them visible, sometimes not.

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Its happening to me too since early evening (PST).

well, so long as it isn't personal.. btw why the bias against travel items?

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Clark Peterson wrote:
Its happening to me too since early evening (PST).

Likewise, although my post showed up a bit later. Who knows, maybe the server is starting to stagger under all the Green Ronin orders...

Danzig Darkheart wrote:
why the bias against travel items?

Demon Princes of Undead have sensitive inner ear imbalance issues. Next round submit travel sickness items.

Or the post ghost has been angered.

Whatever it is--it ain't the first time.

In fact, it goes back years.

In fact, the first time I realized how cool Paizo was was when I asked why my post had disappeared, and Gary answered 30 minutes later. That was 1800 posts ago.

I'm amused that two of my posts in this thread, and one in the Migrus thread just above Clarks, are now poofed. Great, ya cursed me!

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A lot of players and GMs feel that the journey from A to B carries just as much flavor and adventure as the dungeon when you get there. So magic items and spells that eliminate that part of the adventure are frustrating to them. You take away wandering monsters, planned encounters in the wilderness that get you a feel for where you are. Stuff like that.

Inside the dungeon, such items basically create a video game feel. Players finish their last spells and get knocked down to 2o hp, so they 'save their game' and power up with a ring that says they don't have to eat, an ioun stone that breathes for them, 4 hours of sleep for the elven ranger, full plate armor that you can sleep in, and an invisible rod that wakes you up when something comes within 60 feet (even if invisible, even if really sneaky).

So you can see why judges with that belief don't want more items introduced to the playing public.

I am on the fence a little with this. I agree that I don't want the drama and paranoia of having to camp in a hostile environment taken out of my game. But adventurers would commission such items, so it's not realistic that the players shouldn't have them. I just try to limit such items, then plan one or two encounters that bypass most such measures. This way the party feels they took reasonable precautions (have to throw them a bone to: one encounter where their stuff works), and yet that the place is still dangerous.

Hehe. In the last campaign I ran (FR game,3 years, party foils the chosen of Shar only to become instrumental in a Red Wizard's plans to become a god, go back in time and resume his plans under the name Acererak, so the present thinks he has been defeated. They finished in an epic version of Return to the Tomb of Horrors.), I had The Man show up to taunt one of the members during his watch. Acererak stopped time and went into the party's camp to recruit the party'c only evil member. So they did the camping thing well (I closed extradimensional spaces inside the Fortress of Conclusion to stop the use of the Wondrous Pavilion, and still had to be very careful, limit their spellcasting in case they didn't get rest, and such.

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Posts temporarily disappearing is definitely an endemic thing with our messageboards. I've spent quite a bit of time over the past few years identifying particular problems and fixing them. I've got my eye on one particular piece of the puzzle which I think may solve the remaining cases where it happens, but it's not a simple fix by any means. (Like a week or more of work to implement.)

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My post have also vanish of the boards.

I smell a conspiracy! ;-)

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I blame myself.

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