Is This Going To Be A Yearly Contest?

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I was too busy with work to spend more than an hour even thinking about wondrous items... Any chance that you'll be holding this shindig again?

They said they'll make that decision after the current contest is complete.

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The diplomatic response.

Although in the "Almost there" thread, Erik says "...see you next year...". This may be a hint of what they already think about the contest this year, or Erik just being hopeful. Or nothing.

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That would be nice, seeing as I was too busy to enter this year.

I would love to see this be a yearly contest. Of course the submissions might have to change a bit so that people can be kept on their feet. Otherwise, people will have to much time to think about it for the following year. :)

It's a great way to find new talent. There are always those sneaky creative people hiding, and when something like this comes along, they magically appear. Though, after the first round of submissions, our wonderful judges might need a slightly longer time to recoup.

Scarab Sages

I certainly hope it does!

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They HAVE to do this again. I've had more fun reading the items and critiques the last couple of days than I've had at an online forum in a while. Learned more too. Gotta do this again.

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