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War for the Vale of Har
"There are many things that are worse than war. They all begin with defeat."

Game Flavor text


The land of Har is a land of incomparable beauty, from the coastal highlands of Ter Vero in the North, to The Vales of Har in the central lowland and even up to the foreboding, mist-shrouded mountains of the southern uplands in Dragondale.

Long ago, the Elves were driven from the Land of Har by the great drakes. It was from Dragondale that the drakes and their minions ruled the Har in the ancient days. From Dragondale they spread ash and terror and kept the gentler inhabitants of Har from growing in numbers, cowering in their barrow holes.

And it was to Dragondale that half-elfish Deva, whose voice was light and irresistible, went. She went with Gar Hook and his wicked brother Tor Hook, who strove together to keep her safe to the steps of Dragonkeep…where she sung for the great drakes and turned them one against the other…ending the reign of the Dragondale.

Ever since, the children of Har & Heva – the Hauflinn – have prospered in the land, from wild Ter Vero to the lush planes below Dragondale’s mountains. They multiplied and built hamlets and villages and towns. They learned to hunt and till the soil, to craft with wood, and stone and then with iron. They learned many things that made their life well, and when perils came – whether from beasts and Gnoll tribes from the woods, or other horrors from out of deep mountain lairs – they learned to band together and fight for their homes.

It has been many, many hundreds of years, an age some say, since any true danger has imperiled the land of Har and its Hauflinn folk; not since the legendary folk-hero Hanner Dyn, outwitted the Gnoll sorceror, Wytfend and his foul undead minions.

Recently, strange fires burn atop the mountains of Dragondale, and from tavern to tavern, wandering troubadours carry tales of strange aberrations stalking the southern woodlands.

Worse yet, a week ago, a wandering merchant arrived in the southern, rural village of Hindercall and found it burned to the ground, nothing but blackened corpses left among the ashes.

Now, The Vale of Har is astir, fear is spreading from village to town. Has a new leader risen up among the Gnolls, an evil warlock as told of in children's fairy tales? Have the Trogolodytes, ancient servants of the great drakes, risen from the mountain depths? Or is it some new threat...something much worse?

The Hauflinn governors have gathered, and a call has gone out for brave and capable Hauflinns to go and investigate…to learn what terror has been unleashed on the land of Har.

Game Information
This is a high RP, low-magic, all Halfling game...set in a homebrew setting where the Elves are a distant memory, having set off to distant lands over a millenia ago, leaving scattered ruins here and there. Humans are totally unknown, and where all other races Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs are considered mythical. The game will involve a lot of wilderness adventuring, as well as occasional explorations of abandoned Elfish ruins, as a small team of Halfling here called Hauflinn heroes fight to preserve their way of life.

Races: Halflings only (Fey Bloodline levels may be taken to represent distant Elfish lineage, Halfling Paragon levels can be taken, but not if you've already take the Fey bloodline)
Class: Adept, Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Paladin (non-spell casting), Ranger (non-spell casting), Rogue, Scout, Swashbuckler (ask about others, non-spell casting only)
Level: 3rd Level Starting Gear: 13500 sp (1350 gp) No magic items, of course.
Hit/Vitality points: Full at 1st level, roll for the rest.
Bonus Feat: Toughness as a bonus feat at 1st level.
Stats: 28-point buy
Sources: SRD, PHB 1 & 2, Races of the Wild. Feats from other sources will be considered on a case by case basis.
Deities: Yondalla, goddess of all Hauflinn, family, good, halfling, law and protection & Dallah Thaun, darker aspect of Yondalla, secrets, guile, thieves and rogues, acquisition of wealth and death
Other Races: Forest-dwelling Gnolls are the Hauflinn's most aggressive enemy. Goblins & Kobolds inhabit mountain caves and avoid the Hauflinn towns. Trogolodytes have not been seen in centuries, but are believed to inhabit the depths of the Dragondale mountains, they are the subject of horror tales.

Low-Magic Details


  • The Adept and the Bard are [U]the[/U] casters of the Halflinn world. In-game events may open up the prospect of Druids, Sorcerer or Wizards down the road, such power would be considered awe inspiring. As it is, Adepts are considered highly-gifted priests and Bards might be considered, by some, to be magicians or wizards.
  • Summon Monster Spells are disallowed.
  • Rangers gain 'Healer Lore' at 1st level which replaces the Ranger Spell Casting feature.
  • Healer Lore: (Ranger) A Ranger adds his ranger level as a bonus on Survival checks to find healing herbs in the wild.
  • In place of the standard HP damage system, we'll be using the Unearthed Arcana variant Vitality Point/Wound Point system. Basically, your hit points heal by the hour (not by the day), critical hits bypass your HP and decrease your Wound points (which are equal to your Constitution score), normal damage beyond your current HP [U]also[/U] decreases your Wound Points. Once your Wound Points hit 0...you begin to make Fortitude saves to stave off death.
  • Magic Items and Weapons: Finding even the most basic magic item would be considered an amazing treasure. Weapon bonus enhancements, when they come along, will be considered improved weapon designs. Actual magic weapons will be rare and none are presently known to exist.
  • Monsters: Monstrous Humanoids, Aberrations & Magical creatures are extremely rare, and though you will be sure to encounter them during your adventures...I would like to play it as if your characters are the first to encounter them.

Game Application
Halfling Type: (Any type from the SRD)
Response to the reports from Hindercall:
Link to PbP Roleplaying Sample: (Not essential, but helpful)

Other stuff

  • I will be accepting applications until Wednesday, Nov. 28th. I'm looking for 4-5 players, going to favor well-written entries and interesting characters personalities.
  • Looking for gamers who can post 1/day (Weekends optional)
  • While there will be plenty of adventure, I would like there to be some good RP even during combat (when applicable) and there will be XP awards as well as Story Rewards for well-played characters.

Link to Game Application page at Myth-Weavers.com

Greetings Daylight. This sounds like a really great campaign setting. I am sure it will be very distinctly flavourful.
I would like to be the first to volunteer. I already have an idea fleshed out that I have wanted to give a whirl. Well actually several. So I will let you know once I make my choice. Though it seems it is going to be between a swashbuckler (mainly) or a rogue character.

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