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I remember way back in the 80s when rpg (DND to be precise) was being denounced as an evil influence and people who play it would not amount to much.

Fortunately the nay sayers are wrong and now twenty years later, I'm still playing and did not wind up a bum. So fellow gamers, let's disclose what we do when we are not gaming.

I confess I'm a lawyer.

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Major in the US Army.

Case Worker/Worker's Rights Advocate (in a non-profit organization).

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High school Special Education teacher.

Information Systems Analyst (for state government)

Computer Tech (3rd Shift)

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Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Systems Admin for a Fortune 500 payroll provider. Part time Emergency Medical Technician.

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Attorney for a medium sized civil law firm, practicing primarily in the areas of medical malpractice defense, and business and general litigation.

I am currently working for my Mothers landscaping company while I wait to be picked up by the Cement and Concrete Union.


I work on the parts that go into train engines.

Physical therapist in a chronic pain center; the best job in the world.

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Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist. Also, own and run a Family Therapy Agency.

Engineer/Architect, working for my hometowns City Government for the protection of old buildings, like these examples.


Civil Engineer and Database Administrator

Math Professor

High school English teacher on a stint teaching British lit and writing in a Chinese University.


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PhD candidate in political science.

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Aquatic ecologist/entomologist, specializing in benthic macroinvertebrates (mostly aquatic insects), working for a fisheries science and engineering consulting firm.

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Specialist in the US Army/Student in English Education/Creative Writing.

And, g+~@!$n, Timi, that's a long one.

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RPG & Miniatures Game Cartographer

Christopher West wrote:
RPG & Miniatures Game Cartographer

Show-Off! ~grins~

Electronics Engineering Tech working in the Central Office for AT & T. I tried out for the full time Psyco position at another place, but they were full. ~GRINS~

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CAD designer (nautical industry).

Topographer in the 2001-2006 years.

Dentist here :)

Educationalist, developing undergraduate teaching & learning in a British university.

DB Admin/Developer for a small GPO. (group purchasing organization)

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Plant Operator at an Air Separation Unit.

Research assistant to a professor who specializes in urban forestry and plant/stress interactions, soon to change to grad student.

Planning Specialist which means I coordinate a team of 10 engineers to provide support solutions for hospitals in the Northeast U.S. (though I live in the south). This usually just involves repairing patient monitors and cardiac care equipment mostly ERs and L&D, but can involve a number of other things. I also author many of our processes amd test internal applications.

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Soldier/Mechanic in the US Army.

You know those fancy-schmancy Hummers? The sissy little H2s and the H3s?

Mine have 50 caliber machine guns and automated turrets.

I win.

I am and have been an automotive factory rep for about 12 years.
That means I am the guy who sells the cars to the car dealers.

I was in the NY Market for about 10 years and have been in the Middle East for just over 2.

In the US I was moonlighting as a martial arts instructor and as an adjunct professor.

I own and manage a commercial printing company...

...except on Sundays when I play right-sided midfield for my local football team!

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Senior Programmer/Analyst (i.e., Web Geek) for a University

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Foxish wrote:

...except on Sundays when I play right-sided midfield for my local football team!

So...would that make you a guard or a linebacker? ;-)

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I know I've said this somewhere before, but I'm a Mechanical Engineer working for the Naval Surface Warfare Center. We help make sure Navy ships operate the way they are supposed to.

Every odd Thursday, however, I moonlight as a soldier of fortune in Antarctica.

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software development, data mining and database design in a public health care business

VP Operations for a growing installation services comapany which works for/with Home Depot.

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Aircraft Refueling, though went to school to be a aircraft Mech. The whole 911 thing kind of switched things up.

IT Consultant to Pfizer Inc. I'm becoming something of a jack-of-all-trades for our team. I do application requirements gathering, software quality assurance testing, software and database installation, website migrations, coffee drinking, proof-reader, and I am the admin for a number of our applications.

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Physician (Radiologist)

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Software Tester

Administrative Technician for the Quebec Government (Immigration) in the Financial Ressources department. Basically, I crunch numbers all day long.


Struggling fine artist/illustrator. Current day job involves dressing up as a hot dog and handing out fliers. At least, that's the job I'm trying to get. There are a few more qualified candidates and competition is fierce.

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Internal auditor for a large UK insurance company.

Also a lawyer (health law specifically)

What a sorry lot we are.

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Well, I think Vin Diesel posted here once, but we know what he does.

ManPig wrote:
Foxish wrote:

...except on Sundays when I play right-sided midfield for my local football team!
So...would that make you a guard or a linebacker? ;-)


I'm an office manager at a small business providing custom forms for other businesses.

Scarab Sages

U.S. Army - OH58D Maintenance Test Pilot / Resident Computer Fixer.

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