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I was just over on another thread and it got me thinking, a modified version of this "RPG Superstar" could be a really cool convention event. I participated in Iron DM at GenCon(got my butt sumarily kicked by Dreads and Ancient Sensai) and had a blast. This could work by having a certain amount of time for each design and run it as sort of a design decathalon with points for where you place in each design concept. Not sure how judging would work but hey I just came up with the idea 5 minutes ago.


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I like this idea a lot.


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Woot, but not GenCon, they always host it on they day school starts here... OK GenCon makes the most sense. I just need a new job. O:)

That sounds like fun. Run it as a couple round adventure. Each round you have to design one or more things before running the game based on them! I'd participate. (Well not at Gen Con. 2008 is already booked. But pick another convention!)

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