60 words left - should I include method behind my madness?

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The item I plan to submit can be a little quirky. I have 60 words left in my word count so there is room to show how I arrived at my base price. Is this something I should include or should I allow my heartbreaking work of staggering genius stand on its own merit?

I realize this is the 13th, so I'll submit this afternoon no matter what, but I wouldn't mind hearing from the fine forum folks or the athletic and intellectual Paizo people (whose very footprints I am not fit to wallow in, may they all know the joy of a thousand blessings and be tended upon by courtesans of a lewd but vivacious character).

Ah. I just found this post down deep in another thread:

Vic Wertz wrote:

DOING the math is necessary, because if you have something priced badly, your entry will not be selected. SHOWING the math is not part of the requirement, but it might help prove you know what you're doing. However, those words will count against the limit. Personally, if I had a short entry, I'd probably show my math, and if I had a long entry, I'd just be really really sure that I've priced it correctly.

Amazing. The Pazio luminaries are able to answer my questions before I even ask them!

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