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One of the phenomena surrounding the release of 3e that I found absolutely fascinating was the rise of the internet web sites and forums to prominence with in the gaming community as a whole. Certainly I am not contending that this was the only reason that they gained prominence, but it was certainly a catalyst that helped tip them over into the mainstream of the gaming consciousness and someone could make the argument that this was the death knell of publications like Dragon, but that is a conversation for another time. What I am more interested in right now is what new mediums will 'show their stuff' with the rumors surrounding the release of 4E. My guess on this... podcasts.

I have been an avid listiner to podcasts for several months now and don't think I will stop listening anytime soon. One of my favorite categories is, of course, the gaming podcasts. The Paizo Blog announced that Paizo has been involving themselves with the Podcasts as well, starting with Eric Mona's latest appearance on Green Ronin's new Podcast. I think these are the new ENworlds we need to be keeping an eye on. In my mind, they even have a potential to replace some of what I used to look to Dragon for (much more so than the new Dragon that WotC is making... but I will try and reserve judgement on that front).

So... one of my complaints about the gaming podcasts that I have so far been able to find is that they are all strongly derogatory of D&D and the D20 system. For the most part they are all enamoured of the indy games like Dogs in the Vineyard, the Mountain Witch and the like. They are still very good listens as they can spark ideas for running games or character ideas, but I still yearn for a podcast that understands that the mechanics are not what drives the story, you can have a great story with any mechanic and once your players know that mechanic well it is MUCH quicker than learning a new game a month. (As a not the WotC podcast doesn't really add a whole lot other than rules clarifications and advertisements for upcoming products... not a bad thing, just not what I am looking for here).

Below is a list of gaming podcasts that I have found and grown to like. Does anyone have others that they listen to that they can add to this list? How about D20 friendly ones? Let me know!!!

Dungeons & Dragons Podcast (official WotC)
Fear the Boot
Godzilla Gaming Podcast
Sons of Kryos
Yog-Sothoth.com: Cthulhu Podcast
Yog-Sothoth.com: Horror on the Orient Express
(actual play recording)
Yog-Sothoth.com: Masks of Nyarlathotep (actual play recording)

Sean Mahoney

Dragonslanding is pro d20. However they've slowed to 2 a month, plus summer break. Some great older d20 episodes.

I am an early adopter of podcasts. Early in the search I couldn't find a quality gaming podcast, so I gave up the search. Then came along the WotC podcast. I have mixed feelings about the cast (particularly personalities), but it does have good content and its semi-professional I suppose.

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