Where is Cauldron?

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My party wants to start Shackled City but wants to play in Greyhawk. Where in Greyhawk would Cauldron be?

It's in the Amedio jungle, kind of near Sasserine.

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Where is that is relation to Greyhawk City? I can't find it on my Greyhawk map.

Lower left, last stop on the way to nowhere. North-west of the Amedio Jungle. Lower left of the Jeklea Bay.

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Found it. thanks

which cauldron is this?

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Valegrim wrote:
which cauldron is this?

The city which serves as a starting point and main base for the first AP, Shackled City. Cauldron was built in the caldera of a dormant volcano.

Where is it in Forgotten Realms?

concerro wrote:
Where is it in Forgotten Realms?

According to:


In the Forgotten Realms, the city is set somewhere on the Chultean Peninsula in the Jungle of Chult.

But I cannot find where Paizo suggested that anywhere here on the site, save for this very interesting post:
http://secure.paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/dungeon/shackledCity/archives/c onversionNotesWhenRunningTheShackledCityCampaingInTheForgottenRealms

Ace Smith wrote:
Where in Greyhawk would Cauldron be?

Since I just spent about an hour piecing this together, I may as well post the definitive answer:

According to Dungeon #109 (page 10): "Players wishing to set the Shackled City Adventure Path in the World of Greyhawk might consider placing Cauldron near the northwest border of Hex 77-U1 on the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer map. With this placement, Cauldron (and the nearby city of Sasserine) would have been established as a secure trade outpost by Sea Princes-aligned merchants about 150 years ago. When the expansion of the Keoish navy checked the ambitions of the Sea Princes 20 years later, the Cauldron/Sasserine colony was forced to survive in a hostile, isolated clime. In the ensuing years, they freed their slaves and abandoned their connection to their former patrons, embracing a culture and political identity all their own."

It should be pointed out for the benefit of grognards like me, however, that the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer map uses a different system of hex identifiers than the 1980 World of Greyhawk Gazetteer map. Using the 1980 version, it's hex 143/Y4. (This is what threw me off. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why the good people at Dungeon were placing Cauldron in the middle of the See of Medegia!)

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