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i have a subscription to pathfinder and the gamemastery modules and am wondering if you are going to be switching these to 4.0 rules when they are released or will you continue to release them as 3.5? i havent heard if they are going to revise the ogl to include both 3.5 and 4 or if 4 is going to replace 3.5 or what. are companies such as yourself going to still be able to release 3.5 material or will the original OGL expire to make way for the new 4.0 rules? i for one will not be getting into the new edition for various reasons and am hoping that publishers like paizo will still be able to continue to provide us 3.5 players with the products i guess it still comes down to those of us staying with 3.5 to speak up and let you know that there is still a demand for 3.5 products (but is there enough is the question i guess).

anyway, i was just wondering if i will still be able to get 3.5 material after the new edition is released.

I've been wondering this as well...I'm not moving over to 4E anytime soon.


Check the Paizo Blog for where they stand on things right now. In a nutshell, it's too early for them to say what exactly they will do.

I am currently converting GameMastery modules for a completely different system. I would suggest that if Paizo does eventually move to the new rules you could still convert the modules for your 3.5 games.

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